Love Witches!

Love Witches!

I like to be a witch and forged for Love particularly, as a result of that is the best energy on the planet for me :three

Generally we’re simply unfortunate, or we lose what’s most valuable to us or its even taken away. I consider magic, Love, and the Legislation of Attraction can deliver anybody again/to you if you happen to consider your love for them is true.

However ofcourse, you should all the time make certain that he/she is who you actually need.

I need to break the stigma round Love spells and them being incorrect to do, that’s one among my objectives as a Love Witch
What are your success tales in getting your coronary heart’s need?

3 thoughts on “Love Witches!”

  1. This is a topic that has been touched on a number of times in the past, and the most general consensus is that forcing/causing a specific person to love you is immoral – it is essentially rape.

    However, bringing love to you in an unspecified manner is do-able because you are affecting yourself, not others.

    Approving this simply because I’m sure there will be people who can give you their perspective as well.

  2. They have a stigma for a good reason. Most of us put “love” into our crafts it is powerful after all.

    What’s concerning is that you seem to want to be looking for reasons to cast love spells in places where they shouldn’t be. “Unlucky/Lucky” isn’t real….And I’d be wary of anyone trying to claim they just need some “help” getting a partner back because of luck.

    Just my two cents.

  3. You should probably understand what forces you’re dealing with first, because it sounds to me like you’re going to screw yourself over before you get too far in it

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