Magic Roots

Magic Roots

If Witchcraft and Magic does certainly work, the place do you suppose the facility comes from? In the end the self, however how are different people so oblivious to their very own Energy? Methods to decalcify the pineal gland ? Any replies are a lot appreciated

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  1. Many people feel that it is some external power responsible, in reality your brain hallucinates the world around you. Back your brain, and reality will bend to your will. It’s psychological, but very real.

  2. The Sanskrit work *maya*, sometimes used to describe physical reality, means illusion. It’s made to distract you from the Truth, and that’s it’s purpose. It’s very easy to be oblivious for most people.

    Where magick originates is open to debate I think, no one knows for sure. Personally I believe everything emanates from one ultimate divine source, *Brahman*, and that divinity is what makes things magickal so magick is inherent in everything perhaps in different potencies.

  3. I’m new but from my reading my conclusion is it comes from part of the universe (the person) focusing their intention to have an effect on themselves or another part of the universe.

    I think all people do it, but the effects are lessened unless proper focus is obtained which can be helped by rituals, symbolism, help from various objects, and potentially spirits/dietys.

  4. First, we don’t know for sure that the pineal gland is responsible for supernatural power or insight and we don’t know that it can be calcified despite what a lot of YouTubers claim.

    I believe reality is a product of our mind held strongly by our subconscious. To change reality, we have to change what our subconscious strongly believes. Rituals help with that but aren’t necessary. I believe the power of magick comes from our ability to convince ourselves (and everyone else really) that what we want is already ours. From there, the totality of the collective unconscious makes it happen.

  5. I personally believe that it stems from something I call “The Quick” the hidden internal “skeleton” of the universe, which connects with everything through the Weird or Wyrd, fate essentially.

    All beings are comprised of strands of the web of wyrd which meet to create events. Humans, like all things, are events, a meeting of powers and strands.

    By manipulating these strands, we can create change. We experiment, get tiny pieces of the puzzle, but the entire thing? It’s far too vast to completely understand. Magic is but the tool box of creation (and destruction), to tweak with reality in slight and subtle ways to create needful change.

    Physical reality is but an illusion of sorts, or perhaps, it’s real but not the entire thing. Spirits exist, and in the same vein that we use microscopes as tools to see microorganisms, we use trance to peer into another reality and see beings that we and everything else stems from. Thusly, all natural phenomna has a spirit or spirits.

    We humans have spirits, a meeting of forces that creates the event of mortality. We are but an ongoing event, from the time a deeper being of a more vertical reality “delves” into the coil of mortal subjectivity, from the deep other world that is held within the body of this earth (a literal goddess of sorts), and the gift of the inspiration of the windy spirit of this world and air, whom our breath and subjective ego is from. These things part ways, and thing continue.

    The magician and witch comes into contact with their deeper selves, with the unseen world, and utilizes mechanics that they receive from those sources to tweak with things. This is the heavenly fire or forbidden knowledge that myths speak of.

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