Making my very own ashes for my altar?

Making my very own ashes for my altar?

I am new to this entire factor, and I am on the brink of make my very first altar. I would like ashes to represent hearth. I used to be planning on burning some paper from a particular pocket book I had after I was youthful and writing quotes which might be vital to me on these papers earlier than burning them.

Is there something flawed with this concept? Like, is there one thing flawed with the concept of ‘destroying’ issues which might be vital to me? I am undecided, however I believed it could make for ashes which might be extra than simply ashes to me for my altar.

6 thoughts on “Making my very own ashes for my altar?”

  1. If it’s meaningful to you, go for it! What’s important is your clear intention. You could see it as an offering to the universe/gods/source/whatever, or you could think of it as a spell you release as the paper burns, or something else you can think of. Go with your intuition, stoke your creativity, experiment, you do you.

  2. Personally I prefer ashes from wood. There’s a firepit in my backyard so its easy for me to get a small fire going if I needed ashes for something. My favorite wood to burn is ash, mostly because its abundant and making ash from ash amuses me in a way.

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