Methods To Examine Witchcraft Whereas I Work?

Methods To Examine Witchcraft Whereas I Work?

I earn a living from home as a name middle consultant. I work 9 hours a day, four-to-five days per week. I really feel like if I am caught at a desk for therefore many hours making repetitive phonecalls, there’s *gotta* be a way I can use this time to multi-task and brush up on my witchin’.

Anybody obtained any concepts for stuff like articles to learn, podcasts to hearken to or different methods to maximise my time?

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  1. Heck yeah a lot of books from your local used book or metaphysical store. You can even order some online for real cheap if you don’t have a store. Sometimes you can use google scholar for certain topics related to witchcraft (I did and I wrote essays on them). You can also use discord for witchcraft community chats, Tumblr (you’d be surprised), Pinterest (a whole board dedicated and not disappointed), and Instagram too.

  2. This can be challenging because of the nature of your work. You can’t really devote large chunks of time to in-depth books or articles. You can, however, spend time reading small bits of information. To that end, I would suggest you look into studying herbalism, crystal/stones, astrology, Tarot, et cetera; anything where the information can be broken down into point-form, and that contributes to your practice in a meaningful way that doesn’t feel like a waste of your time or effort.

    You could challenge yourself to memorize all herbs associated with Mercury, for example.

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