[Mod Post] Please, cease asking us the place to begin as a result of we do not know both

[Mod Post] Please, cease asking us the place to begin as a result of we do not know both

Okay, get it out of your programs. Kali is imply. Kali is a horrible individual. Kali is making it exhausting for child witches to search out their footing.

Fuck you, Kali. Kill your self, Kali. Be chewed up by wolves, Kali.

Are we completed now? Thanks. Now, let’s speak.

We can not provide help to in case your query is: “I am new to witchcraft and I don’t know the place to begin.” As a result of my reply will probably be: “I do not know what to let you know.” Witchcraft is a broad subject with many practices and plenty of beliefs.

For instance*: Witch A might love divining however Witch B might not take care of it. Equally, Witch A and Witch C are each diviners, however Witch A makes use of tarot and Witch C makes use of scrying. Witch D over here’s a Wiccan who retains meticulous monitor of correspondences and Witch E is a chaote who does not hold monitor of spells. Witch F likes to be outdoors once they forged and Witch G is a homebody.*

See how difficult it’s already? That is why we can not provide help to for those who do not even do your individual analysis. Do some mild googling after which ask us. Listed below are some examples of questions we will reply.

Examine the 2:

“I am new and I don’t know the place to begin.”

“I am new and I wish to know extra about casting spells with crystals.”

This is one other two:

“I don’t know the place to begin, however I am fascinated with witchcraft.”

“Hey, I am very new to witchcraft. I am fascinated with kitchen witchery, however I don’t know the place to begin.”

And guess what? It will provide help to too. The extra particular you might be, the extra individuals will answer– with expertise. Simply do some studying first.

Okay, Kali, that is cool however the place can I do some studying of my very own?

My favourite web site is [sacred texts](http://www.sacred-texts.com/) and there is additionally the parents over at r/alexandria doing a kick ass job of amassing texts. Look, I am not saying it is dangerous to ask questions– In truth it is *good* that you simply need to be taught. And lots of of* us *need to provide help to develop, however all I ask is that you simply do even the smallest little bit of analysis. I can let you know proper now for those who’re lazy and also you need individuals to spoon feed you data, then you’ll not develop. Sorry to be the imply mod, however it’s the reality and it is not unique to witchcraft both. Most individuals have a wealth of data proper at their fingertips. Use it.

Edit: Prime sentence wasn’t clear. I wasn’t telling anybody to kill themselves and I edited it to mirror that. Sorry concerning the miscommunication, it’s exhausting to articulate concepts behind a display screen.

27 thoughts on “[Mod Post] Please, cease asking us the place to begin as a result of we do not know both”

  1. What about having a wiki page listing various topics within witchcraft. Maybe part of the problem is that people don’t have a frame of reference for asking more specific questions.

    I was going to come ask about book recommendations, but when I searched for similar topics, I found dozens topics none of which were useful. What’s the difference between green witchcraft and traditional? Are there other kinds? Secular vs Wicca? Herbs, candles, color magick, crystals…

    There’s too much I don’t know about the occult to know what to ask for.

  2. I love everything about this post, the whole “I’m new I don’t know where to start” always irks me because plenty of us didn’t have mentors or people to help us out, I sure as hell was confused as hell but I got through it on my own and explored what I wanted to see which suited me best. This was necessary.

  3. I see this a lot too. You’re 100% right- newbies will get a much better response if they are more specific in their questions rather than wanting everyone else to do the work for them.

    What I *do* think is a good answer to the “where do I start” conundrum is this- Develop your intuition first. First and foremost. Learn to listen to yourself and intuit what path you need to move towards and what skills you need to learn. It is such a broad subject with lots of tangents and practices and ideologies etc etc etc and we have no idea what is going to appeal to someone asking.

    I would say- always develop your own intuition and it will guide you to the right places. Meditate, drum, chant, automatic write, yoga, go to a sacred/holy place, pray, use crystals that appeal to you, Anything that resounds with you is where to begin

  4. There is no end to the amount of research you will do unless you’re one of the rare “gifted” ones who already knows everything and spends most of their time telling others what they are doing wrong. haha

    What I would say is use google a lot. If you’re reading something you find interesting but there are terms, names, and references you are not familiar with google them. Keep a folder. I use an extension called “save to pdf” a lot and download webpages that I can’t absorb all at once.

    If you’re bored with something move on to something else. The possibilities are endless and when you find the areas you connect with it won’t feel like drudgery and homework most of the time. There probably are some things you’ll need to learn and memorize and it isn’t all fun but you should have an idea of what you’re studying for or keep moving.

    Avoid listening to the know-it-alls I mentioned at the start. And watch out for “rules” that are nothing but superstition. What you’re doing very simply is putting thoughts into action. You’re usually trying to affect change in the physical world. You have your own system of symbols, your own images that work for you, and your own language. It’s probably unique and you’ll find bits of it scattered throughout various systems. That’s why someone may be telling you 100% what works for them but it might not be what works for you. Those are the ones acting in good faith. But if their rules don’t make sense to you after consideration then forget it and keep moving.

    Also information that works for your system should feel empowering and not limiting. A good teacher will help you to rely on yourself. A bad teacher will cause you to rely on them. Watch out for power trips and nonsense designed to make you fearful and get you to turn over your own power to others.

  5. Bless you for this.

    It’s important to research whenever your about to mess with the metapsychical, including opening yourself to this. You can’t simply get that answer from a reddit thread, you gotta dig deeeper and THEN ask more questions.

  6. Ahhh thank you. It needed to be said. When I was a baby witch of 13 years old we didn’t have the internet, well the internet was there but it was pretty shit. I had to figure my path on my own, and really it’s the only way. In that way I was shown the answers by my helping spirits. It wasn’t easy, like reading a book or a meme or a listicle, in fact, for a long time I thought I was utterly batshit-certifiable, but the answers are there in the spirit world for everyone, you just have to shut off your ego off for a while to get there.

  7. I do not post here often, just wanted to put my two cents in.

    I have no qualms with what you said or how you said it. IMO very spot on because there are so many different avenues a person can take, anyone who has ever reached out to me with the question is given the reply of, “depends on where you want to go with it.” Usually followed by a suggestion of taking a walk or meditating on it.

    The more you inquire, the more you’ll get.

    I watched my relatives when I was young(not saying this was engrained/inhereited just a few who had quirks, books, or little rituals that they never talked about), I would disappear in the new age section when I was a kid, and when the internet came, I overloaded on anything I could find. Still do from time to time. I genuinely encourage anyone to explore and find what brings them the feelings I get from what I do, even if it isnt the same.

    Just to share, even though depreciating humor is a go-to even for myself, realize even in jest you are worth more than that.

  8. Thank you!!!!!!! I’ve been a bit frustrated with the amount of posts saying “I’m new and don’t know what to do” I’m sorry but a bit of research in the older post section helped me and I didn’t have to make my own new post about it.

  9. Good to get it off your chest, but let’s be honest. By next week there will be a whole bunch of noobs who won’t have read this post and will post the same old garbage.

  10. Random, unrelated question, but…. Was this picture by any chance taken at Amberley Working Museum? I realize there are fifty million train museums, but that’s the only one I’m familiar with, so, thought I’d ask. 😉

  11. I have a tip: Start somewhere close to the personal self. Like your assigned zodiac or closest tarot personality. I started like this, then I got interested in numerology. Then I got interested in how tarot readings actually work. Let your interests expand is all I’m saying, that’s a way to go!

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