Morning Rituals?

Morning Rituals?

Something particular you guys do within the morning earlier than work, faculty, and/or beginning ur day?

From the little issues, like making sigils in your espresso, to the flowery.

How do you begin your day?

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  1. I draw sigils on my face with my makeup before I blend, I stuff specific crystals in my bra depending on what I need for the day, and I take a solid 10 minutes in the morning to have a cup of tea outdoors and just ~feel~ those earth vibes. I also like to check on my spells, how they’re going and if they need any improving (not every day just when I’m working on them)

  2. I don’t do it every day but every few days I light a bundle of sage and pass it over myself and internally banish negativity. It always makes me feel so much more optimistic about the day.

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