My cousin thinks there is a spirit in our home, how can we expel it?

My cousin thinks there is a spirit in our home, how can we expel it?

I’ll Goal to purchase some white candles and sage to burn proper now, however what else ought to we do? Is there something we ought to be saying?

For context: She’s extremely delicate to those kind of issues, and I’ve undoubtedly seen one thing off concerning the room subsequent to mine. Our canine refuses to even go upstairs. We have had plates randomly shattering, lights randomly turning on, and so on. How you can repair?

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  1. One idea is to get a bell or wind chimes (maybe both). Hang the wind chimes in an area of the house that seems to have the most activity, or get multiple wind chimes and hang them in each room of the house.

    With the bell, your friend can ring it whenever she feels like the presence is near her or whenever she feels scared.

    Bells and chimes can scare off some spirits. Get something that sounds pretty, something that your friend likes the sound of.

    I would use this as well as burning sage, or doing any ritual to cleanse the home. Just use the bells for some added protection.

  2. First off, burning white candles and sage will not do it. It takes a lot more effort than that. You have to demand that it leaves, and fill the space with your energt while simultaneously clearing out the old energy.

    Of course, I tend to honor a house spirit if it doesnt bother me. They can be wonderful to share a space with if you properly recognize them.

  3. Did you try talking to it? Maybe it’s trying to communicate with you? Also, holy water if you are into that or some salt water can be sprinkled around for cleansing and purification.

  4. Maybe just leave it some food and drink at night. That’s worked fro thousands of years in pagan Europe, a remnant of animism, to sate the hearth spirits (brownies, Tomte, etc)

  5. It depends on how you/they feel it’s affecting the home and what feels right to you guys in taking care of the problem. If it feels off, demand it leaves while doing (fill in the blank with chosen method). If it’s just kind of there and not hurting anyone, kindly ask it to maybe look out for the residents instead or something.
    For telling it to pack up and gtfo:
    A spray bottle with 2 parts water, 1 part vinegar, 1 part dish soap of your scented choice, pinch of salt, and two or three drops rosemary oil. Mix it up, spray around the house while demanding that it leaves. Cleans physical and spiritual.
    Can also use this to cleanse an area before casting. It’s a multipurpose spray tbh and minus the oil, everyone has the other stuff. Don’t feel like you have to go out and buy oil either. The vinegar and salt will do enough.

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