My first tarot studying ever

My first tarot studying ever

I purchased a deck of Radiant Rider-Waite tarot playing cards after doing a little analysis and changing into interested by attempting it for myself

I requested the deck “what ought to I find out about myself proper now?”, shuffled a number of instances, had my boyfriend reduce the dec and I drew one card – Three of Wands. I learn it represented commerce, commerce, enterprise, and discovery. I’m model new to this, so I don’t know the meanings of all of the playing cards, however I can loosely join this card to my life.

I then reshuffled and drew a card for my boyfriend. Similar methodology – shuffling, reduce, and draw besides I reduce it this time- and drew a Three of Wands… not likely positive what to make of that but it surely spooked me just a bit.

I needed to check it once more. Shuffle. Reduce. Draw. Queen of Wands. Attention-grabbing that there’s three Wands in a row, however like I stated, I’m not likely positive what to make of this.

It was a cool first expertise and I’m excited to study and observe extra. Would anybody extra skilled than I thoughts giving me an thought of what the playing cards meant? Thanks!

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  1. Cool that you’re picking up the Tarot. Just a few tips: it’s backwards to have someone cut the deck for a spread that’s not about them. As you get better, you will work to remove outside influences from the cards because they cloud the reading. The most important part of a reading is mentally linking the deck to the subject of the reading. It’s like mentally tuning the cards to the right radio station.

    You can cleanse decks using dried mugwort or quartz or amethyst crystals. I can always tell my deck needs to be cleaned when the cards start to feel like they want to clump together and cards keep coming up in repeating groups (though clearly that’s not what happened in your case, what happened with you is you mixed your energy and your boyfriends energy together, and got the same result twice, because it was basically the same mix of energy. I’m glad you got accurate energy readings so quickly, it bodes well for your accuracy in the future.

    You picked a really good deck to learn on. It will be much easier to read Tarot without looking up the card meanings. There are a lot of great books out there, but you really shouldn’t need any more than you have to get started. Look up the Fool’s journey on the internet, it will describe the meaning of the Major Arcana cards as a journey of spiritual development, it adds another layer of meaning to the cards.

    I personally never use upside down cards because I found they make readings seem a lot more negative. But once you’ve got some experience you can try it both ways and see what works for you. There are different ways to interpret upside down cards, you can give them a negative meaning, or you can say their influence is shrinking (while rightside up cards are growing in influence), or you can use your own system. It doesn’t matter what you choose as long as you are consistent about it.

    Because I don’t like upside down cards I never let anyone else shuffle my deck, and once I started reading cards over the phone (and found good results) I stopped offering to let people cut the cards and only do it if someone requests it. It’s not necessary once you learn how to put the energy there mentally.

    I hope this helps 😀

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