My very first try(s) to observe something went about as anticipated

My very first try(s) to observe something went about as anticipated

|It is a Blue Moon!|The definition of Blue Moon as two moons throughout the identical calendar month is a misinterpretation of the way more comprehensible that means (given the rarity of it re: astronomy & seasons): ‘third moon in a season with four moons.’ Get psyched for the following *actual* blue moon in Could, 2019.
|The Tremendous ~~Blue~~ Blood Moon’s on the night of January 31st| Found late final evening it was *this morning*
|Earlier than 6 AM, examine supermoons & lunar eclipses|Get up at 5:15, blow off analysis for a bathe, getting dressed, & going out to take a look at the supermoon (it was nice! no purple tint, however large!).
|Supermoon (gravity, tides, water) meditation from 6AM-6:40 AM| Working late, I might solely meditate for 10 minutes, however I lit a brand new seagrass-scented candle… & for me, 10 minutes is nice (40 was a reasonably unrealistic purpose for me anyway tbh)
|6:50AM, exit & watch the eclipse for an hour; low-key meditate/pray for <private redacted>|Bitch, are you loopy? It is freezing exterior! Plus, completely *no view* of the eclipse now. So, spend about 5 minutes inside looking the window low-key meditating/praying for <private redacted> earlier than realizing I wanted to go water my crops
|Make moon water|I put water in an *opaque* ceramic container & dropped my quartz in there too, so in all probability neither the water nor the quartz bought any moonlight… whyareyoulikethis.jpg
|Cost crystals|Simply in regards to the one & solely factor I did efficiently, lol.

Just a few good issues about this, although. Issues I preferred about this expertise that I am going to in all probability preserve doing:

1. I like showering/bathing simply basically, but additionally I like the thought of showering/bathing earlier than meditation and/or (attempting to observe) witchcraft. It looks like I’ve ready for the expertise, like I am coming to the second recent & readied
2. I like that I did not use know-how – did not surf Reddit, test my e mail, and so forth. till every part was completed & the eclipse was completely over. I want to coach myself to suppose much less about how I am briefly abstaining from know-how whereas it is occurring although…
three. All my actions this morning earlier than, throughout, and on the finish of the eclipse concerned nature/pure parts. Some occasions have been extra contemplative than others, however general it was a nice feeling.

Re: #three (and talked about within the final sentence of #2), I am positively thinking about extra construction & focus in terms of occasions (I am so scatterbrained about what to do for Imbolc – it is *too quickly*! I am too new to this! lol), however I think about that comes with time & observe, eh? 🙂

I hope you guys did loads higher than my derpy ass – blessed be!

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  1. This is great! Thank you for sharing. I also realized late Tuesday night that the event was happening in the morning. I had a spell I intended for the event so I had to get things ready before bed. I woke up at 5am and finished getting ready. Went out into a preselected spot in the woods at 6:15. The moon was completely covered by clouds. Anyway, I did what I planned and I’m very confident that the results will manifest

  2. I’m late commenting but I’m glad you didn’t let the hiccups keep you from enjoying your ritual time! i almost forgot it was happening at all, had it not been for my wife calling me on her way home that night reminding me to put my crystals out to get charged and cleansed. in the end i put out all my crystals and geodes and see my alarm for 6 am. i could only bear about 10 minutes in the 18 degree cold before i came back in, bundled in bed, and watched and meditated from my bedroom window instead of out on the balcony lol. it was still wonderful though!

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