I hoped somebody had a spell or one thing enchanted or something to assist me go a check in two days for work…. I actually actually need to go however I am not prepared 🙁

6 thoughts on “NEED HELP!”

  1. There’s really little point in using magic to pass a test you don’t know the answers to. It’ll only come back and bite you later on when you’re expected to know something and you don’t. You’d be better off using magic to help you learn what you need to know to pass the test.

  2. Whether the test is requiring study or you being clean of something, there’s no spell to really solve your issue. If studying was the issue, you could do a meditation to improve your focus and get studying. However, if its about getting clean for work, there’s nothing magic can do about that. Good luck, but magic is not substitute for poor planning.

  3. Sending some “pass the test” energy your way. My friends always called me when they had tests and asked me to do this. I’d say it’s more of a placebo effect but who knows? Good luck, you’re gonna do great!

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