Needing some recommendation

Needing some recommendation

Hey, I used to be questioning if anybody had any spells or rituals that I may carry out to assist a member of the family of mine. She lives far-off and has simply miscarried and I used to be questioning if anybody had any concepts of how I may assist her. Possibly a spell to dispel any detrimental issues which will make the state of affairs worse or some type of emotional safety spell?

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  1. I think comforting her is probably the best thing. Spells are good, but after such a loss, people usually just need to know that you care. Send a card or make a phone call first.

  2. I know of a good protection spell!

    I Send You Safety

    Ingredients (can be substituted for other items invoking love and protection)

    Dandelion fluff
    Blue Lace Agate, Carnelian, or Garnet
    The name of if the loved on on a slip of paper
    White sachet


    Fill sachet with herbs, loved one’s name, and crystal of your choice.

    Chant: “I send you protection from all that may harm you, I send you the wish of safety, I send you energies to keep you out of harm’s way.”

    Tie the sachet and kiss it.

    Place the sachet by and open window. Repeat chant/kiss as necessary (reopen bag when doing so)

    Burn/bury herbs and recharge crystal when finished. If burying, run through water to wash out the salt to avoid poisoning the earth you place it in.

    Hope this helps!!!

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