New witch in search of some assist/steerage

New witch in search of some assist/steerage

Hello,I am a younger and new witch (been fascinated by it since I used to be a baby however solely began practising just lately) and am very into magical herbalism. I am in search of a guide that tells me what magical properties vegetation and herbs have and I have been wanting on-line so much however since I am not Wiccan or Pagan,I do not see my witchcraft as a faith and do not consider in gods,it is laborious to search out something. I favored Scott Cunningham’s guide however discovered that there is some fallacious data in there and it put me off. I additionally discovered The Grasp E-book Of Herbs and once more I actually favored it however apparently the author references different books so much and a few say it’s best to have these different books too to totally perceive this one. I simply desire a easy, and never too costly, guide on the magical properties of vegetation and herbs to assist me alongside the way in which. Is there anybody right here who may advocate some books?
Thanks prematurely!

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  1. I’d honestly start with a non-magical book first. A regular old guidebook to the local weeds in your area. This is the one [I have used for years](, specific to my locale. You’re just starting out, you might as well start out with things in abundance you can collect ritually, yourself, since it will be imbued with more intention, and most of this stuff is a good half (or more) based in intention (just don’t ingest anything you’re not sure of, I’ve been working with wild plants for 30+ years and even I am not always sure).

    Practically every single place is going to have their own local plants with magical and/or healing properties that are equivalent to what you will find in a formal book aimed at practitioners of witchcraft. Pair it with something like the Master Book of Herbs, and just kind of ignore the stuff that is not local to you or easily obtained for now. You can always grow your library later. You can always grow your knowledge of “all appropriate herbs, even ones hard to come by” later. Methodology first.

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