Newbie Instruments?

Newbie Instruments?

What crystals, crops, kinds of candles would you advocate for newbie use? I have been practising internally for some time and want to convey my follow into my room.

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  1. If you’d like to visit a crystal shop sometime, a good practice is to just pick up the various crystals and see what sort of feeling you get off them. Sometimes I’ll pick one up and it gives me nothing, or it will give me a slow nauseous churn in my stomach, or it’ll give me an energetic buzz. The last one is what I look for when I pick them out, and the crystals you’re drawn to may not always be what people most highly recommend, but they will always be the right ones for you.

    As for the rest, depending on what sort of practice you want to follow I’d suggest tea lights as a good, basic tool to have. You can find a pack of 50-100 sometimes for $1-5, depending on where you shop. Good luck!

  2. Witchcraft: theory and practice and The Inner Temple Of Witchcraft as books. Look into color magic for your candles and figure out what it is you want to display. The Book Of Stones and Cunningham’s crystal gem and metals encyclopedia he also has one for herbs-but research others as well not all the uses are there but it’s a good start. 101 power crystals, and the crystal bibles.

    You may also want to think about what your altar will look like, if you decide to put one up…its up to you but those books will give you a good starting knowledge on everything from practice and incorporation to herbs and crystals. Buy third party or used if you can. There’s no harm in owning used books.

  3. What I’d recommend that I’ve found super useful personally is:

    Crystals starting with quartz. You can add to that but start with quartz as it can fill in for any other crystal, can magnify other crystals and cleanse them.

    A tarot deck if you feel drawn to that as part of your practice.


    2 white candles. You probably might even own something you can use and find other candles around the place- even birthday candles are good for spells as they come in a variety of colours. But ideally you’d want 2 big white candles for the goddess and god.

    Then just about everything else can be found in nature, your garden or kitchen or made yourself.

    Also a book of shadows/grimoire! I made mine with fabric, paint and computer paper that I already owned but any notebook really can do – or even a computer file.

  4. For me it was important to get an altar set up. I don’t think it’d be as important for everybody, but I just really desperately needed something physical in my space all the time.

  5. Use whatever you want around the house. Don’t go out and buy a lot of expensive items, they are not needed. If you make them yourself, they will mean a lot more and be powerful.

  6. Try just going outside and getting some sticks and stones it’s free. Different colored rocks can be used for divination or just magic as any crystal would, sticks can be wands, leaves can be altars or sachet material. Just treat it like playing pretend when you were a kid and see the possibilities.

  7. I don’t know. I have a little stool a bowl, candle and dollar store glass. I don’t believe in all of that ritual crap is needed for spell work. I believe you need a strong intention and a way to focus your energy (which is what all of that stuff is supposed to do). Granted I am probably oversimplifying but moral of the story: you don’t need much.

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