On-line shops with gadgets for my craft

On-line shops with gadgets for my craft

Hey there! I used to be questioning if anybody knew of any actually good on-line shops that carried some good gadgets for my craft. I might respect any assist in discovering them 💕

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  1. Wytchenwood on etsy is fantastic, all materials gathered ethically, responded quickly when I had questions, and great quality products (I have an ogham set, crow’s foot, and blackthorn components)

    They’re my go to when I need to order online. We have moon markets for my other needs

  2. It depends on what you are looking for.

    I am not a huge fan of online stores, but I will order from [HausWitch](https://hauswitchstore.com) because I like their stuff and and it is curated well [13 Moons](https://www.13moons.com) just because I am familiar.

    A good deal of the stuff that “a lot of online witchcraft stores” (I have no actual percentage here) can be found at [Open Tip](https://www.opentip.com) at half the price, which you can make it worth the probably $16 shipping if you plan well and buy a bunch of items at once. I’ve seen most of the statuary that wasn’t done specifically by a designer on there, all of the mini altar tables some of the online stores sell, chime holders, cauldrons, etc.

    I’m not anti-online stores necessarily, but they have all become pretty same-y lately, and seem to carry the same stuff that I found on Open Tip (possibly some of them even order from there, it is a wholesaler, but you don’t need a tax ID).

    For example this [8″ Tree of Life cauldron](https://www.opentip.com/product.php?products_id=9017662) is $45 if you buy only one at Open Tip. $62 at [Charms and Potions](http://charmsandpotions.com/8-tree-of-life-cast-iron-cauldron-w-lid/?utm_medium=googleshopping&utm_source=bc&gclid=Cj0KCQjw9afOBRDWARIsAJW4nvxU16JTm7VkNXSU7NRfrD5Rm8NTWu8TOwyFPmOhcY8COPGpn8XXO3IaAtezEALw_wcB) (a site I haven’t used but looks OK.

    As for daggers/athames, whatever you call your blade, [Toldedo Swords](http://www.toledosword.com/), which is more of a cosplay site, usually also has the ones that many of the online witchcraft stores do, at 70% the price, if not lower.

    If you’re into tarot and like a particular deck, I would track down the artist and see if they have a website and purchase from then directly. They get a bigger cut of the profits that way.

    You can also find cool things on Etsy.

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