On the lookout for a spell caster.

On the lookout for a spell caster.

Hello! I haven’t actually tried something like this, nor did I consider or disbelieve, I simply didn’t have a lot of an opinion on it.

I’m searching for both a love spell, or a revenge spell. I haven’t actually determined which I need but. If anybody is critical and keen to assist, please let me know.

3 thoughts on “On the lookout for a spell caster.”

  1. Be careful of the folks who legitimately respond to this post. Sadly, there are a *ton* of people out there who make a decent chunk of their living charging hundreds of dollars to bang a few crystals together and not actually *do* any legit spellwork.

    (Just to clarify, I’m not against witches charging for their work. I *am* against people who see some confused soul who’s obsessing over someone and decide to make some fast cash by taking advantage.)

  2. You shouldnt be using either of those honestly. An attraction spell maybe, love comes in time. A revenge spell never, whatever you chose to do karma will kick your ass for I promise you. Its better to use your powers to enchant your own life and create better circumstances than to ruin anothers

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