On the lookout for recommendation referring to my vitality..

On the lookout for recommendation referring to my vitality..

I am undecided if this belongs right here, or actually if it even is smart actually.

These days I have been going by means of considerably of a tough patch mentally and emotionally, and I am having some points with a buddy who turned on me seemingly in a single day. I’ve simply been within the hopeless mindset that I am shedding everybody.

It is taking a significant toll on my vitality and my craft. I have not executed something actually referring to my follow since.. June? July? I am undecided, nevertheless it’s been some time. I have been very busy after which recently I have been desirous to get again into the swing of issues, however I am so anxious and unhappy more often than not that I’ve mainly no vitality in any respect. Is there something I can do to assist this or am I higher off simply taking a break from witchcraft till I am in a greater place mentally?

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  1. I am in a similar situation. I just moved to California with my girlfriend and unfortunately she is heavily struggling with some mental health issues and needs to move back home to be near her doctor and her family. We decided it would be best to end the relationship rather than add the burden. So, I have also been left feeling extremely depressed and anxious. She leaves this Saturday and I have been trying to think of a routine to get myself into not only distract myself, but to help rebuild my relationship with the craft because I know I will feel so much better once I do.

    I bought myself a journal to write and cry all my frustrations into. I want to write at least a few times a week to keep track of my emotions rather than letting them swallow me whole. I can then look back and see what I need to focus on when I am healing. I am finding ways of blending self-care and the craft. Baths with my favorite oils/candles/herbs. Meals prepared with care and intent (I tend to eat like a human garbage disposal when I am sad). I am also trying to come up with a morning and night ritual where I give myself time to reflect – some yoga, pull a tarot card for the day, have some tea etc. Also, although this may sound cheesy, I am going to watch all my favorite ~witchy~ movies. Even though they are mostly Hollywood smoke and mirrors, I feel like they inspire me to return to what I once loved. I know it isn’t much, but I feel like it is a great idea to slowly ease yourself back into the swing of things rather than feel overwhelmed or guilty for not doing “enough”.

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