Opened the floodgate of religious power. Assist please.

Opened the floodgate of religious power. Assist please.

Hello guys, it is my first time posting after lurking for some time. You appear to be a beautiful, supportive neighborhood, so I hope you can provide me some recommendation.

I lately ‘opened up’ to spirituality and witchcraft once more after just a few years. It is performed wonders for decreasing nervousness, and allowed me to be extra imaginative and linked, and accepting. Nevertheless, I really feel that no matter I am placing out there may be fairly potent, and unexpectedly I’ve strangers beginning conversations with me about issues in my head and challenges in my life. It is uncannily out of the blue too.

As an illustration, I normally chat with rideshare drivers in regards to the rising rents within the Bay Space, or faculty, or different varied small speak. Unexpectedly these persons are volunteering VERY private issues that immediately relate to issues which were on my thoughts, or challenges in my life.

It is getting very overwhelming, and I hope issues generally is a little lighter so I do not really feel so personally invaded.

Any ideas?


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  1. Are you familiar with grounding? It’s balancing your energy with nature’s energy, methods range from elaborate rituals for cleansing your spiritual being to simple things like touching a tree. Meditation can be helpful, or a ‘bubble of protection’, it’s a bubble of energy around you that acts like a filter.

  2. can you explain this to me more? I’ve never experienced this, but I’d like to know more about it if you can give me a few details and maybe hand some advice. Best of luck,

  3. Like everyone is saying grounding, shielding, and general protective magic are all things you should start looking into practicing! If things get very overwhelming, remember the basics- salt, white or black candles, and visualization!
    Just a little more on shielding, in case you’re unfamiliar with it- everyone has different “shields” and it can take some serious time, and most importantly MEDITATION, to figure out what works for you. Some witches I know envision themselves protected by a wall of flames, a wall of ice, a wall of water, or a wall of wind! Some witches have layers and layers of shielding, some witches don’t feel the need to shield at all. It’s fun to practice once you get the hang of it though, as it feels rather like entering your own world for a time 🙂 Hope some of this can help, sorry it’s so long winded, and I’d love to hear updates from you because your path into magic sounds quite eventful and exciting so far!!!!

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