Options to darkish magic?

Options to darkish magic?

I’d by no means want ailing upon anybody however there’s this girl I work with who’s completely unbearable. I need her to understand how she makes different individuals really feel however I do not wish to trigger her hurt. Is it wishful pondering?

Little bit of background: this girl is 40 years my senior with 30+ years extra expertise in our work discipline although the previous few years for me have been in administration. She has efficiently pushed away not less than four workers from her division within the final couple of years together with her angle. She makes her workmates look incompetent to our purchasers and she or he’s extraordinarily manipulative; there’s intent behind each transfer she makes.
She brags about her belongings and the way good she is however places everybody else down. She at all times says “I do not want this place. I am properly off. I do not want work, you want me.”
Her husband left her years in the past and her solely daughter is a 2 hour airplane trip away (grownup and left by alternative). That is nonetheless not sufficient for her to understand she’s a horrible particular person. I would not have an issue together with her if we had been in one other discipline however we work with kids and I do not assume she has their finest intentions at coronary heart.
What can I do to indicate her who she actually is and get her to alter her methods?

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  1. I recently left a job because of a boss much like this. My father shares some similar traits. The fact of the matter is that her behavior is likely a combination of personality traits that are difficult or impossible to change. **I’m just speculating here, I’m not a psychologist; so please take the following with a grain of salt. And if I’m totally off-base, let me know so I can learn from it!**

    She puts others down and brags because she is insecure. She feels a need to assert that she is valuable, because part of her deep down doesn’t like herself, and therefore she has a nagging feeling no one else does either.

    She has difficulty putting herself in the shoes of others or understanding their emotions and motivations – this lack of empathy makes it hard for her to see the ways in which her behavior is unpleasant. It also makes her more critical of the people around her, because she can’t see why they do what they do; she can’t imagine their emotional state or give them the benefit of the doubt.

    Insecurity and a lack of empathy combine in a way that makes her difficult to reach emotionally. She probably does not respond well to criticism, becoming defensive at the slightest hint of judgment. Her first assumption is that a critic is attacking her, not trying to help; again, she can’t read the intent of others.

    Sometimes it’s best to live and let live. In my experience, people like that are the least likely to change, and while they can be irritating and cause problems for the people around them, I doubt she has bad intentions. She just has no social compass and a lot of issues to deal with.

    **If you want to cast a spell, don’t send intentions to make her realize she’s a bad person; she probably isn’t, deep down. Instead, address ways to help her – cast for self-love, empathy, and kindness. And help manifest it in real life**: be kind, and try to give her the confidence to stop tearing other people down; if she complains about someone else’s behavior, casually mention “Well, so-and-so is under a lot of stress right now because X. They probably did that because Y. ” Try and help her understand. It’s easier said than done, but there’s not much else you can do.

    The calmer you are, the more good intent shows in your words and your face, the more likely she is to listen. But please recognize that personality disorders can rarely be fixed; instead, you try to help the person become more self-aware and see the consequences of their actions, and teach them tools and behavioral skills to balance their problems. Since we’re not trained professionals, that really just means forgiving certain people for being assholes, being kind, and quietly trying to guide them. She may never change.

  2. Some people just can’t see themselves in the mirror.

    All you can really do is take care of yourself. Make sure you got a life vest on before trying to help others. Then just let the fire burn itself out.

  3. I find that most often people behave this way because they are unhappy. You could send some positive energy her way and wish happiness for her. Happy people don’t behave this way.

    If you want her to leave your work place, perhaps a spell to help her find a better job. A higher paying job or one closer to home, something that she can’t refuse and she will really enjoy. It’s sounds strange to wish something great upon a person who has been horrible you you but if your objective is to have them removed from your life, this is a positive way to do it.

    You could always do a binding spell, so she stops putting people down.

    If everyone in the world was at peace with themselves, we wouldn’t have people like this. One could even argue that we would achieve world peace and would no longer have any war. This is why it is important to first make peace with yourself. Then try and help others find peace within themselves.

    It sounds like this woman hasn’t found peace within herself, a spell to help her find peace within herself could help her stop being so insufferable.

  4. You can definitely do some spellwork to not wish her harm, but to maybe bring about more peace and happiness to her life. Do a spell to bring positive changes into her life and people and that might help and it definitely is not wishing any ill will on her.

  5. The shaman would urge you to explore what it is about her that may be a reflection of you. What is it about her that reflects something you dislike within yourself.

    She sounds like a narcissist, and possibly her behaviour triggers reactions from you rather than responses. My advice would be to watch a bit of Richard Grannon on YouTube and arm yourself against her, once you truly understand what you are dealing with and have a few practical tools to help you respond to her I think you will find it easier to be around her.

    In terms of your magical practice, I would concentrate more on working on your own power than attempting to make her see how she affects others. If she is a narcissist she never will, she does not have empathy, it’s a lost cause. But work on your own psychic and spiritual boundaries, wisdom and power so that she can no longer get to you.

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