Ought to I recast the spell?

Ought to I recast the spell?

Hello – I’m pretty new to witchcraft and tonight I casted a cash spell involving the complete moon (it required being instantly within the moonlight). Proper earlier than ending, a number of issues occurred that instantly interrupted my spell (neighbor canine began barking at me by way of the window, for instance). Nonetheless I definitely really feel a shift in my power area since casting it.

Ought to I anticipate a pair hours and recast it? It will likely be later then and the interruptions will likely be much less prone to happen. Or ought to I as a substitute anticipate the following full moon and see what occurs since I do really feel an power shift? Thanks!

(I purposely did it at eight PM my time due to the quantity eight regarding cash, however I used to be considering of attempting once more at midnight or so)

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  1. for the future, I would use the dog as a marker point for energy and look out for dogs barking in future money spells or spells in general, that shits a good sign

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