Particulars on substances for numerous ointments?

Particulars on substances for numerous ointments?

Is there any guide or useful resource that may present secure information in secure use of baneful herbs?

there may be a number of books that declare to supply information on the crops and herbs, however maintain again on giving actual dosage. (Probs authorized causes.)

the place ought to i be on the lookout for information on secure dosage of herbs like Belladonna?


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  1. I went down this rabbit hole a couple years ago and ended up, after six months or so of research, just buying flying ointment from Fern & Fungi. They’re expensive, but I figure I’m paying for what I’m guessing was years of research and/or consequences of trial and error. So, so worth it.

  2. Poisonous herbs aren’t safe. That’s why this information isn’t readily available. It is impossible to tell someone how much of a poisonous herb can be safely ingested because the potency of plants are dependent on their growing conditions (as well as the individual plant genetics). Some specimens of the plant will contain more poisonous alkaloids than others.

    You can find medical information about the LD 50 (dose required to kill 50% of the lab mice) from government agencies. However, this requires a standardized doses of alkaloids – not the whole herb. Belladonna is toxic. It isn’t safe to ingest… Sorry, but that’s the truth.

  3. Its really hard to find this information. I managed to find a few different herbalist websites that have vague stuff on years ago but apart from that I’ve struggled. The best thing to do would be to go and see your local herbalist and try to make friends with them! I know that’s a pretty long winded way of getting information but that really helped me.

  4. From my own research it seems that these recipes are like cooking recipes, there are millions of variants and even though most might have common themes, some are really different. With cooking you can try out different ones and even experiment a little to find one that works for you with no real harm, but the recipes I find could be dangerous even deadly, and worse of all a lot of them sound like they are either made up or really bad mistranslations. Be careful about sources and who you trust, also I am starting to believe that one recipe doesn’t work the same for everyone, there is likely something about how your personal body chemistry reacts to things.

  5. There is a generally-considered “safe” dose of belladonna for very particular purposes. Older herbalism books will have information like this.

    That being said- to safely work with poison plants, you really need to have much more than a dime tart grasp of herbalism.

    What have you already read regarding poison plants?

  6. Old books, and I mean from the late 1800’s when these herbs were used in a medicinal fashion, is where I get a lot of this sort of information. You can download some compendiums on Google books and the like…

    Warning, you will have to do some digging, and make some judgments and comparisons between what you find (these old recipes are often not the safest, but provide an idea of what was used at one point in time)…. Always start small, then work your way up to a therapeutic dose, and never take any single book as gospel on the subject (there are many scientific and medical reasons these recipes just do not exist anymore). Use multiple sources, be safe, know your antidotes, compare old dosages to newer forms of information like the LD 50, and really understand what you are doing before you start experimenting on yourself, it is a treacherous path to walk (I can’t stress this enough).

    I will say from experience that Belladonna is not a good time, and the line between a good dose and an overdose is very thin. I would not suggest ingesting any anticholinergics for their psychotropic properties.

  7. Look up books from Scott Cunningham. He was an expert in the field of herbs. There is even an old documentary of his on Youtube I watched a while back. Plus you can look and find all kinds of great info on the web, here, and YT. And ya it’s hard to put a ‘dose’ on herbs because they can vary in potency, have different effects on people, and even different parts of a plant can produce different effects. Why are you wanting to use baneful herbs? It really would be wise to stear clear of them, definitely when it comes to ingesting.

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