Pendulum query

Pendulum query

I’m contemplating fashioning a pendulum and charging it below the blue moon on the 31st. I might additionally prefer to cleanse it in a candle flame and salt water. Is there any explicit order I ought to go about this?

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  1. What makes sense to you?

    Generally with all magical tools it goes something like this….

    1 – make to tool.

    2 – Cleanse the tool – do something to remove what we might call “negative energy” from it.

    3 – Consecrate the tool – do something to make a the tool into ‘magic tool’, or dedicate its use to magical purposes

    4 – Bless the tool, do something to keep the tool safe.

    5 – Charge the tool, do something to fill it with what we might call “your energy” or “positive energy”.

    6 – use the tool

    Any of these steps are at their core things to make you feel more connected to your tools, and deepen your intention, they may involve ritual etc, or may be achieved by simply using the tool with the right mindset…. All, some or none, of these steps can be taken, they can also deviate from this order and be referred to by other names…. IT IS UP TO YOU, what you think will give you the best result, what makes the most sense in terms of your path, and personal practice.

    Though it seems like most witches use a method somewhat close to this list, and cleanse before they charge, others do not, some will only do these steps if they feel like it is needed, others will combine these steps into one action.

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