Placing a protecting attraction/spell on an in depth pal

Placing a protecting attraction/spell on an in depth pal

I’ve an in depth pal who’s in some deep shit proper now. He is presently away at rehab for having tried to kill himself, and I might prefer to put a protecting attraction/spell on him, to basically shield him from himself. Is that this a good suggestion, or ought to I simply let issues be.

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  1. I wouldn’t do that quite yet. Like mentioned he’s in a place to heal and get it together. I wish I’d been into witchcraft when the same thing happened to my best friend, but it’s a blessing in disguise.
    Don’t do any spells without his permission. I don’t personally agree with people saying don’t do spells for protection without consent, but it’s better to keep any magick away from him while his mental state isn’t at its best.
    I’m sure praying, or whatever you do would be the best decision right now.
    I know it’s tough to not be able to do much, especially in cases like this. But it’s best to keep magick away for the time being. It could possibly invoke spirits to follow and attach to him, and that definitely wouldn’t be good.

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