Points with my Guide of Shadows

Points with my Guide of Shadows

I’ve been engaged on my e book of shadows for a couple of months now, placing in numerous spells, potions, dates and no matter I really feel must be in there.

I took a while to search out the appropriate e book that known as to me so the e book had some significance.

The problem I’m having is that I hold making errors. Large errors. I’ve tried pre writing what I’m going to place in to maintain every little thing organized, (moving into a superb headspace by meditating earlier than hand) however issues are all jumbled up, sure steps in spells are combined up. I additionally rewrite sentences or phrases a number of occasions in a row accidentally. And irrespective of how onerous I strive, it retains taking place.

What ought to I do? Ought to I do away with it and begin over? Ought to I hold going and chalk it as much as “including character?” I simply really feel like now I’ve added some unhealthy power to it by not doing it “the appropriate means.”

I really feel like I have to cleanse it or carry out a ritual so hold issues from taking place. However I’m undecided what to do.

Has this occurred to anybody else?

Thanks all!

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  1. None of my BoSs were any good until I stopped stressing over the mistakes. Now, I willingly scratch out things, write notes in the margins, spill coffee and candle wax in it— it’s meant to be used! Some pages are really pretty and some are a mess. That’s life, that’s magick. Just keep going! Embrace the mistakes, don’t worry about it being too beautiful. It’s a record of your work and your journey. What journal is ever perfectly neat, and how boring would that be?

  2. It’s called being human, to be honest. I had a nice book and eventually switched to doing mine electronically because my inner perfectionist screams every time I uncap my pen. No way to avoid mistakes, many people have more than one “edition” of their grimoire because mistakes are inevitable, you’ll want to add new pages to sections that are full or reorganize, and your craft changes over time.

    You can write your content on separate pieces of paper and paste them in, which allows you to write it over again on new paper if you make a mistake before you paste it in. Get creative with it – you can use a smaller piece for each step, use different shapes, add a mat of colored paper, paste in pictures, etc. You can also collage over pages that no longer apply or have mistakes on them. It’ll add some extra thickness to the book, which not everyone likes, but it also has a very pretty effect if it’s done with care and nice paper.

  3. I’m actually considering a three ring binder with Bullet Journal elements because of how weird I am about organizing, rearranging and stuff. However… Mistakes are normal and acceptable. It’s OK. Sometimes there’s a lesson in that, even if it’s for someone you pass your book to in the far future. “Nobody’s perfect. Mistakes happen.” Also for future you. “I’m having a hard time but look how much I’ve learned and grown.”

    It’s just my thoughts, we are all individual and you do what you feel helps you best. 🌹

  4. Maybe try writing things in pencil first and go over them with pen or marker when you feel like its right.

    That and don’t worry too much about it being perfect. If you hold yourself to the standard of all those “aesthetic” BOSs you see on Tumblr, you are going to drive yourself insane. Make it yours. It *is* only for you, after all. 🙂

  5. I would say keep going, Mine is a right old mess. It does not have to be clean, pretty or correctly formatted.

    It is more important to do the work, journal, reflect and record than it is to have something that is visually appealing. It sounds like you just need a bit more practice.

    If you are struggling than i suggest that you switch to loose leaf in a binder situation. Lots of people say digital but from experience I tend to just collect and collect without review and reflection, and have a hard time coming up with way to distinguish what I have added and how I have made revisions from the original entries.

  6. Being human is all it is. Don’t stress over the mistakes, write in pencil, don’t be afraid to cross out stuff. It gives character and shows your growth as a witch.

    If you wanna test spells, you could get a “test Grimoire” and put spells in it to try and only put in what you know works.

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