Preventing a curse

Preventing a curse

Lengthy story brief, somebody’s vital different confirmed curiosity in me after I did some paintings for his or her household. She has posted footage of burning the image I spent hours on making and has a particular sort of hate for me, despite the fact that I really feel I did not do something to benefit her hatred (her child daddy frolicked with my household on a day they have been having issues and I feel she thinks one thing occurred). Not saying she invoked a curse upon me deliberately, however I really feel as if her burning this picture with unfavorable intent could have impacted my life in a bodily means. I’ve had horrible anxiousness this final week (I not too long ago misplaced a member of the family which has attributed to this, however I’m dealing with that in an easy method), and I’ve additionally had some well being points this week.

Are there any safety spells somebody might advocate to assist me with this negativity? I plan on meditating in opposition to it, however I fill like her hatred is misguided within the unsuitable path.

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  1. Do you practice the craft? If so how about a cleansing spell for negativity, not forgetting to ground and shield. Use mirrors to reflect bad engeries if you think they are targetting you.

  2. Before any magic use, have you tried talking to them to see what the issue is and if it can be resolved. I’d suggest starting there. If that isn’t a possibility, shielding and cleansing the negativity is a good idea. Black and white candles are a good team for that. What you’re going through sounds very similar to what a relative had going on, on my husband’s side of the family.

    When you ground, meditate, and shield do a visualization of your shield rebounding the energy. In other words, *return to sender*. Even if you don’t know much craft, or any at all you can do this. Adding a yellow candle to the black and white ones, represents will, strength, identity and is helpful with strengthening you.

    I hope you can get things worked out one way or another, but your safety and health comes first. I’ve seen this happen to a family member and it got pretty bad (I was asked to step in.) Good luck.

  3. Easily – salt, cayenne pepper and garlic powder mix sprinkled along outer parameters of your home.

    Place a compact mirror (mirror facing the window) of the room you’re in the most, or simply carry it on you.

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