Previous Recollections

Previous Recollections

I do loads of reminiscence rituals, phrases and hand indicators I used to be by no means taught however might all the time do with out pondering. I keep in mind loads of issues; darkish, outdated, generally terrifying. A variety of Dying. However even once I keep in mind way back to I can, extra reminiscences flood in till I am taken again to a chilly, empty place. Again there I really feel no vitality, no Life wherever. Its simply Nothing, all over the place round as a result of there’s nowhere round. I’ve talked to lots of people who can keep in mind again like me, individuals I’ve met in earlier lives who I can keep in mind as quickly as I see them for the primary time on this physique. None of them have these reminiscences although, as a result of what I keep in mind goes again to earlier than any of them existed. They inform me they keep in mind feeling I used to be outdated after they have been first born, however everybody I speak to even strangers act as if they keep in mind me from someplace, and more often than not they’re uncomfortable as if afraid of what they keep in mind about me. Does anybody expertise something like this?

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  1. You might be interested in a book called “Journey of Souls” if you haven’t read it. Its focused on the findings of a psychologist who hypnotized people and found they remembered past lives. Might answer some of your questions.

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