Probably cursed ? Please assist! For all of the witchcraft / crystal of us on the market

Probably cursed ? Please assist! For all of the witchcraft / crystal of us on the market


(Had no concept what group to place this in, be at liberty to share with others)
Whats up, so, sure unusual title- let me attempt to pace up this abstract course of as merely as attainable – I’m from Boston, MA & I discovered this crystal amulet sort factor within the Boston Frequent late final yr, it glowed for a bit (this beautiful blue shade truly) nevertheless it abruptly stopped sooner or later. I have been carrying it round with me ever since I discovered it and I’ve begun to surprise if it is presumably cursed/unhealthy luck? Or possibly I’m overly paranoid resulting from some latest trauma I’ve skilled .

My principal questions are

1), are you able to establish any symbolism with how this was crafted? The crystal used, supplies and so forth

2) ought to I simply unwrap this and see if/what’s inside ?

three) destroy it or preserve it intact and do away with it one way or the other ?

Ive by no means actually reached out on Reddit however I’ve all the time browsed by means of quite a few boards and I actually dig this group. Sorry for the superstition. My life could be very, very bizarre. Hoping to collect as many various insights on this as I can. If for some purpose my hyperlink would not work please reply to this and I’ll discover one other strategy to ship over the picture I’ve. I will put a hyperlink under


3 thoughts on “Probably cursed ? Please assist! For all of the witchcraft / crystal of us on the market”

  1. Write a short history of your life and note whether things got better or worse around the time it came into your life…
    The owner may simply be trying to get it back- try posting part of the picture in your area and so that who ever owns it can identify it in a way that the non-owner can’t.-It doesn’t appear malevolent but if it isn’t yours you shouldn’t keep it…

  2. Looks to me to be a homemade wand. Very nicely done if you ask me. Just to double check, if there is anything going on that’s weird or out of the norm for you, write it down in a notebook and def try taking it to a local crystal shop or something along those lines to have it checked out if you still aren’t sure about it. If you haven’t gotten a bad vibe off of it or feel like you should be threatened by it, you should be fine. 🙂 stay cautious but doesn’t seem like anything bad. If anything, try finding the original owner? They could be missing it. Try Yikyak or something similar to see if something has been looking for it? Good luck.

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