Provided that you imagine in it?

Provided that you imagine in it?

I’ve observed numerous feedback on the varied magick associated subreddits the place folks say one thing alongside the strains of “Magic(okay) can solely impact you for those who imagine in it”. I do under no circumstances share this perspective. From my very own experiences magick is extra like water; which might get you moist whether or not you imagine it or not. Inform me Witches of Reddit, what are your ideas on this “provided that you imagine in it” factor?

To be clear, I am not speaking about your personal spells/ magick solely working for those who imagine it should. Does magick work on nonbelievers?

8 thoughts on “Provided that you imagine in it?”

  1. I agree here. If magick was something that was only real if someone believed in it, then I think it would negate a lot of the factors that make spells & magick work in the first place.

  2. I’ve run up again this one before. “I don’t believe in your curse!” I didn’t pay any mind to it. I simply sat back and watched as my victim’s curse played out regardless of their beliefs. 🙂

  3. I only believe magic will work if you believe it does. There’s witches who will go on and on about it working even if someone doesn’t believe in it, but I think those witches are trying to convince themselves that ~*majik*~ is something they can throw at people

    Magic is purely psychological. If someone told me I were cursed I’d laugh at them because I don’t believe in curses. In fact someone did put a curse on me and it never worked because I don’t believe in it in the slightest.

  4. From my own experience: yes, it works on non-believers.

    I have a bit of a gift for truth spells. Regardless how convincing the lies are and regardless of the liars’ believes, knowledge or lack thereof; they will tumble over each other while their words rapidly unravel.

    Magic is a force of nature. It does not care whether you believe in it.

  5. Personally, I take a bit more of an internal approach when it comes to magic, be one that may be a bit out of the norm on this sub. For me workings are all all about setting intention, and setting yourself up to follow through with those intentions. Rather than using magic to manipulate the external world, I use magic to give myself the strength to act, and that is where I think and believe the true power of spell craft comes from…

    Do I think that if I cast a spell on someone it will effect them the same way, regardless of whether or not they believe in magic? than yes, but only because I believe that magic is with in my own mind/spirit (as the witch who set that intention), and it only manifests when I use that — let’s say ‘energy’ — to change how I interact with that person (be it on a conscious or subconscious level).

    In terms of the many people who make posts like “I think my landlady cursed me, help!”, and the many responses like “don’t worry a curse will only work if you believe in it”. I think that is mostly true, a person can only effect you as long as you allow them to (though it can be quite a challenge to not feed into these fears, and power struggles, and overcoming these situations takes a lot more than simply choosing to “not believe”).

    … just some thoughts. Of course, to each their own.

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