Psychic Vampire Roommates

Psychic Vampire Roommates

Whats up! So each my roommates have principally drained the life out of me. Everytime I am dwelling I really feel a robust destructive presence, it used to only be after they had been dwelling however now it is the complete condo. I am shifting out in July as soon as the lease ends, however for now I wish to assist filter the negativity from my very own room atleast! I really feel a heavy negativity presence weighing down on me and would love to interchange it with positivity. I am a really constructive individual however two destructive roommates have appeared to cancel out my constructive vitality within the condo. Let me know what you’d do? I burn palo santo in my room sometimes and solid a circle round my room.

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  1. Palo santo is great for drawing in positive energy, but you’ll need to clear the negative first. Can you burn sage and then palo santo? You can make a room spray with protective essential oils in distilled water, you can put house plants in your room, you can get grounding crystals like smoky quartz, black obsidian, or snowflake obsidian and place them around your room, and crystals like citrine to bring in positive energy. Sound is a really great tool too, if you can get your hands on some bells, chimes, or a singing bowl. These banish negativity. The circle around your room is a great idea, but make sure the negative energy is out of it before you do it, otherwise you’ve trapped it in there.

  2. I would also suggest the sage and Palo as well. The singing bowl is a great idea too. if possible. I have personally been loving some Orgonite pieces I got that include some other added stones etc…for various purposes and to clear negativity. But I think even a “typical” piece might help clear your space. Be sure to research the place/person who is making it if you don’t make your own. You definitely want something reputable and pleasing to the eye. I have one I wear as a pendant and one I leave in my den/sacred space. Good luck! As a sensitive myself, I know how it can feel to be around that type of environment.

  3. Great replies here. I would cleanse (purify) your space, banish negative energy, then set up a ward to protect your area and self. There are a myriad of different ways to do all these steps. Use what you have/what works best for you. I use lavender incense and lavender oil I make from plants harvested in my garden. I also write a brief, rhyming chant that can be easily memorized and repeated.

  4. Ill also add once you cleanse your room and whatnot, maybe do a energy removal spell on your roommates, or something of that nature. Help them get rid of some of that too. That negative shit just seeps out of peoples pores. July is far off. I’m sorry you have to wait that long to get out of that space. Use the upcoming full moon to help boost that positive energy as well.
    On a side note, maybe put a ring of garlic around your door?.. Hehe, bad joke.

    But really, I wish you the best.

  5. After all the sage and palo santo and general energy clearing, look for a new place to live and get a roommate to replace yourself on the lease you’re already on. Part of managing negative energy is identifying where it’s coming from (which you have done) and moving away from that negativity toward more positive people, places and things.

    Also take some time to investigate your own shadow, and the negativity you possibly put out into the world. Can you take any ownership for your part? Can you then forgive yourself and release that? Can you move on emotionally and spiritually toward growth and away from the negative cycle of blame and being drained? I personally wouldn’t waste time on spells meant to affect the roommates because that’s just you pouring more of your own precious energy down the drain. Just do what it takes to clean your side of the street, so to speak.

    And then, set your intent in meditation, ritual practice and life to bringing forth the beautiful and harmonious environment that is a positive reflection of the amazing person that is unfolding within you. You deserve a home that is a relaxing retreat. You deserve to be around people who are kind supportive and also give you your space. Put you focus on practices that draw positive energy into your life.

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