Query about using candles in rituals

Query about using candles in rituals

I’m a starting witch seeking to apply witchcraft. I used to be questioning if it’s a must to use candles in rituals or should you can simply use another supply of sunshine, possibly and electrical candle?

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  1. Some witches believe that it’s the intent that matters; others, that it’s the materials you work with. The more you “invest” in terms of money, time, planning, and materials with a spell, the more successful it’ll generally be. (For a quick example, that’s why growing your own herbs is better than buying from a good supplier, which is better than buying ’em from the supermarket.)

    So if your intent is there and you only need the symbolism of the candle/are restricted in some way you can’t overcome (e.g., apartment policies, money, “My roommate hates the smell of smoke and we have super sensitive fire alarms”), then electric candles will “do,” provided you continue to “invest” the spell/ritual with your intent and a great level of care.

    I agree with /u/worldsvamp, though, that there’s something especially potent with using a true candle with a true (if small) flame for this sort of work. You can also “dress” a candle with a base oil infused with herbs or essential oils to correspond with a specific purpose or spell, which wouldn’t really work with an electric candle.

    Still, I understand needing to make accommodations. As long as the end result is thoughtful, invested with your intent and energy, and not just “cutting corners” or feels “cheap” in any way, it should work for you.

    Hell, my husband can’t stand incense, so instead of burning fragrances, I mix up specialized essential oil roller bottle blends that are equally effective without giving him a migraine. Everyone’s got bits and pieces they have to adapt for their circumstances; rarely is there ever a perfectly ideal ritual.

  2. When I was first getting started and didn’t have access to colored candles or pre-engraved candles, I would use the same candle over and over again just as something to focus my energy toward (I was primarily sending out healing and protective energy). As /u/terriblehashtags said, some believe that it’s the intent that matters. That being said, I think that sometimes is depends on the ritual or spell you’re doing.

  3. Candles are tools. The function of a tool is to amplify what you can achieve without the tool. If you can find another way to achieve the magical effect you need with a different tool, or without a tool at all, then so be it. But hammering in screws is rarely effective.

  4. a burning candle is an energy scorce representing the element of fire. it is easy and simple to manipulate since it is visible (unlike air) and actively radiates engery(unlike earth and water). blowing out a candle can repesent leting it travel and pinching it out keeps the spell grounded. putting glass over a flame and letting it slowly die out is easier than the other methods. a lasting flame is always useful.

    and electric candle can work but wont have the same effect. experiment and see the results for yourself; this is the best way to learn.

    also keep a journal of your experiments.

  5. You can use any replacement that works for you. If you can’t use candles, fake candles are a great replacement, but you can always omit them and substitute or change any spell components to your liking!

  6. You never *have* to include anything for any ritual. Intent is all that matters, and I used to have fervor emotion and intent invested into my spells when I was younger. But I don’t always have that sort of unoccupied emotional energy now, so rituals have become my tool to focus and amplify whatever intent I do have. The effects result just as good if not better than those of my younger days. It’s like getting older; you become wiser and more skilled rather than strictly relying on enthusiasm to get you to the finish line. Plus, part of the “magic” is the fact that plants, herbs, and the flame of a candle do have their own intents already built into it, so you really are working a more effective spell when you calculate accurately and utilize those materials.

  7. Honestly, you don’t need a candle at all, although I do think a candle and/or some incense can help with atmosphere. I’m a minimalist and don’t like the idea of cluttering up my house with tons of candles, herbs, crystals, etc. I make do with what’s around or rely on visualization techniques.

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