Rec me some guided meditation

Rec me some guided meditation

I am having a extremely laborious time meditating currently so I have been attempting some guided ones and people appear to assist me so much, however I’ve solely discovered one channel I like on YouTube ([this guy]( and it is not likely witch centered. Any recommendations for good packages to do?

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  1. Meditation doesn’t have to be witch-focused in itself. If you want to focus on something you’re doing in your craft that’s one thing but I don’t really understand what you mean by witch-focused. There’s a lot of material and learning you’ll find isn’t specifically catered to witches but they are still useful to the practice. If you haven’t tried it, I would suggest listening to music that you feel deep. (Mediterranean and Eastern music works for me.) using a focus such as a small piece of amethyst or tiger’s eye while in your meditation can help with your focus as well. Both of these stones promote it, and amethyst is a good stone to help clear your mind. Plus, having a physical object to hold while in meditation helps ground and center you to your focus.

  2. I’m working through Philip Carr-Gomm’s Wild Wisdom Meditations collection, bought as an “album” off of Amazon Music for about $15.

    It includes something like 6, 20 to 30 minute guided meditations that walk you through the various elements. (I’ll be doing “fire” tonight.) I find it immerses me very well and gets me to that level of “mind focused meditation” faster than a straight instrumental track or other meditation formats I’ve found online.

    It’s “natural magic”/”druid” focused, more than Wiccan or witchcraft, but it’s definitely the most magical and most effective meditation I’ve found yet.

    (Carr-Gomm is also the leader of the OBOD druid organization across the Pond, so he’s got some extra credibility in that respect, too.)

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