Recommendation on methods to cope with a beloved one’s condemnation, and/or methods to cover your observe?

Recommendation on methods to cope with a beloved one’s condemnation, and/or methods to cover your observe?


I hoped somebody right here could possibly assist me. Final 12 months, I informed my husband that I used to be occupied with pursuing a journey in witchcraft. I wasn’t involved; my husband is a really open-minded, atheist. I assumed he would have some questions, perhaps assume it was bizarre, however in the end I anticipated him to blow it off.

  He didn’t. I used to be shocked and harm when he informed me that I ought to take into consideration going to remedy as a result of solely loopy folks believed in that stuff. He chalked it as much as grief over our cat, who had handed away solely a few months beforehand, and i have not heard the rest about it.

  His response made me rethink my conviction. Was I attempting to exchange my grief? Was I actually unbalanced?

  Some background earlier than I proceed: I began on this journey once I was in highschool. I meditated frequently. My perception was that I could not know what it’s, however there may be an power to the Earth, locations, occasions, and so forth. I owned and frequently used a tarot deck. I freaked out a few of my associates with my readings. I even had an altar of types. All of this was executed with none actual analysis into witchcraft or Wicca. I simply did what felt proper when it felt proper to do it.

  I am unsure why I stop meditating steadily, or why I put away my tarot deck, however I did. Over the subsequent a number of years, I felt like one thing was lacking. I chalked it as much as being lonely. I met my husband, and it appeared like that one thing lacking feeling went away.

  Till final 12 months, at the least. I can not seem to keep in mind why or how, however i ended up getting a Spell-a-Day almanac from Barnes and Noble. I keep in mind being so nervous strolling as much as the register with my discover, however the girl on the counter was a witch! She gave me some suggestions on had been to begin my analysis and inspired me to take any inquiries to her. I took that as an indication. I left the shop feeling energized in a means i hadn’t felt in years. I began going to a neighborhood metaphysical store, accumulating provides. I began feeling icky about ‘sneaking’ round behind my husband’s again. So i made a decision to inform him about it.

  So after his response, I began reevaluating my emotions and my motivations. Then life received in the way in which, and that i forgot about it for some time.

  It wasn’t till this previous month, once I began going by means of and purging my crafting stuff, that I discovered my Craft stuff. Dealing with my issues made me keep in mind how good it felt to do the few spells and one ritual I did. Whereas I boxed up my Craft objects, I may really feel a spreading heat. I knew that I needed to begin once more. To date, issues have gone effectively with hiding from my husband. He isn’t been feeling effectively, so I have been free to arrange a ebook of shadows and perform a little research, however that will not final endlessly.

  Does anybody have any recommendation on how I can cover this? Or barring that, methods to really feel like I am not betraying my husband someway? Thanks a lot on your time, for those who’ve gotten this far. Sorry it went so lengthy. Although I do really feel a bit lighter simply typing this out.

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  1. Give him a lot of information about what it is and how it works and why you feel connected. Be upfront and voice your concerns and that you’re scared of his reaction and hope it’s a positive thing and that he can support you. It’s mostly ignorance when people are afraid of things or they’re slightly narrow-minded.

    My SO is still uncomfortable with me doing this type of stuff but I pointed out that it’s a stigma and people go into a panic when they hear the word “witchcraft” like it’s all evil and harmdoing. It helps that it’s now more mainstream and even urban outfitters have fuckin books on witchcraft though. He’s ok with astrology and healing crystals but anything with spells, he’s not comfortable with so, unfortunately, I haven’t had the courage to bring it up and explain that it’s pretty similar to prayer or another form of manifestation. Ex: creating a dream board is pretty similar to a spell/witchcraft to me but when hipsters approve of it, it’s accepted and nothing spooky.

  2. Your husband is a dick. *He* is the one betraying you with this ridiculousness. Don’t let him gaslight you into thinking your path is someone inhibiting him from following his.

  3. sorry i don’t want to come across as rude but i really think that no one has to accept anything.

    the same way you don’t have to accept his beliefs or the absence of such or try to push him into following your path.

    give him space. and get some space for yourself. people are generally scared of the unknown.

    i come from a family where certain abilities are just there and family members are quite gifted but i was the only one who went that far. and they still aren’t ready to accept it cos they, for example, don’t understand what astral projection is. so i just say that i’m off to mediate and that please give me space and don’t distract me. i made it clear that what i do behind the closed doors is none of their business. although of course i phrased it more politely.

  4. First off, I’m sorry you’re dealing with this situation. It’s painful dealing with others not agreeing with your life choices… especially when it’s something that makes you happy and you’re living together so it impacts you both :/

    Do what others have suggested and lightly engage him in a conversation about it. Tell him that it isn’t a grief, it’s just something you’re interested in and it makes you happy. I wouldn’t try to refute his ideas about it. Present it as spirituality and see where it goes

    People do kitchen witchery and use herbs for magical effects in their food and otherwise. Quartz is a very universally versatile crystal to a lot of people so if you go into that kind of craft..that could work. Having just one crystal you use for everything can be a great way to develop a relationship with something and you can wear it or otherwise

    If you’re interested in divination, maybe use systems that aren’t so obvious. Like coin or pendulum divination.

    You are who you have your whole life and you’re just trying to make yourself happy. People around you need to support that on some level

  5. Try to explain it to him using psychology. Calling it magic makes it sound insane for most people, but sigils for example work by accessing your subconscious. The tarot cards are representation of archetypes, you can study *anything* with the major arcana.

    Rituals are just acts infused with will. If you cook a meal for him and choose ingredients that will give him energy, and give all your love and positive energy while preparing the meal, he will feel energized. If you light a candle, place crystals and coins and incense sticks related to your will, and pray for good health, for example, you’ll be creating this intention of good health in your mind.

    Even atheists believe something. They believe that the Universe began out of nowhere and for no reason (the Big Bang), and that conscious life is just a random coincidence that happened to survive natural selection. The fact is, we can’t prove that the Universe is real. Maybe we live in a Matrix. Believing that it is real is faith, belief with no proof. So you’re not any more ‘crazy’ than he is.

    Be yourself and don’t betray yourself. He cares about you, but he shouldn’t try to control you, just show him that you’re happy and that magic is at least harmless, that you won’t avoid a doctor or anything like that, it’s just little rituals for feeling good. Wish you the best.

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