Ritual throughout full moon… but it surely’s daylight?

Ritual throughout full moon… but it surely’s daylight?

Hello! This full moon peaks when it is (sadly) in the midst of the day in my nation. However I actually wished to do a ritual throughout its top… now I am undecided if I ought to wait till the evening the place I can really see it (but it surely would not be a 100% full moon anymore) or simply do it throughout daylight.

Any ideas on this?

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  1. I just do my spells when ever, and don’t rely on moonlight.
    If it’s importat to you to perform at 100% full moon then do so or you’ll be comprimising your focus.

  2. Have to decide if Night symbolism is more important than Peak Time for your specific purpose. You may want to consider doing it before sunrise the day it goes full if you’re concerned about not performing your rite when it’s technically waning. Some schools of thought consider the Full Moon to last 3 days (day before, day of, day after) if you can set aside your modern self without too much issue.

    Try to understand your own reaction to the choice you make before you make it, that’s what is going to matter. If doing it early or late is going to leave you feeling dissatisfied that’s not good. If doing it in the daylight is going to make you feel like your rite is lacking that is also not good. You may have to compromise no matter what, in which case I would pick the thing that offends your sensibilities the least.

  3. I only do moon rituals when I can see her and feel her rays. Only a clear night or a gap in the night sky makes me feel her power.

    But hey, it’s witchcraft! There are no rules… if it works for you, it works.

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