searching for the one who is aware of me

searching for the one who is aware of me

I’ve been a witch for 20yrs + and for so long as I can keep in mind I’ve seen a man his magic identify is dante and he has a tattoo on his left chest over his arm all the way down to his elbow he is aware of me I do know he does however I can not discover him in anythin or wherever I do not know if that is one thing that may be helped with most of the witches I do know cannot observe him and I assume that is the final resort for me I’ve felt for years that I want to seek out him for various completely different causes if anybody can assist I welcome it cos me n mine are outta concepts 🙂

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  1. Could you maybe provide a city, state, or even country?

    Don’t take this the wrong way, but a guy with tattoos who uses the handle “Dante” could describe a *lot* of pagan dudes.

  2. I have tried lucid dreaming everythin the thing is he has come up in past life regressions ect I know it sounds mad millions of people n I am looking for a needle in a haystack I have people in my life who use both the good and bad side of magic and they can’t seem to pin him down I myself am in the UK. I know its a long shot but he has come to me on many occasions dreams visions regressions he is the same every time which I know doesn’t mean he is the same now I mean no one is lol the way he is is kinda tall like 6ft built well long black hair and eyes like fire the kinda dazzling green that u get from chemical burning if u know what I mean. I’m just kinda running out if od options n figured Id try here sorry for late reply 😊

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