Secular Altars?

Secular Altars?

So when you guys are like me, then if you hear “altar” you instantly relate it to some type of deity worship. Nonetheless, I’ve heard of secular witches (witches who do not embrace deities of their craft) having altars and utilizing them as their type of witchy “residence base”, principally making it the central location for spells and rituals and whatnot.

Mainly, I might like to see your guys’ secular altars, and when you have any recommendations on making a secular altar, I might love to listen to them!

5 thoughts on “Secular Altars?”

  1. When I think of an altar I don’t think of deities. An altar is just a work space you can put anything on it. It can be as simple as one candle or as complex as statues and ceremonial equipment.

    I am not a secular witch but in the past I dedicated an altar to an idea or an element. These days I just put all of my tools on a piece of fabric and do my magic on the floor.

  2. An altar to me is a space where i put things, images, ideas, and treasures close to my heart. At the moment my altar is dedicated to la virgen de guadalupe but i put my recently deceased dogs paw print molding up there as well as a necklace my mom gave me and some sobriety chips i have.

  3. My altar is literally the space I house my tools and (mostly) work in. In I’m burning candles, have something that needs to sit for a while or doesnt require casting a circle or more movement that my space can handle- it’s where the speel work takes place.

    I view it as the scared space for my tools, for my daily intentions and home to my acquired wisdom (yes my grimore, BoS and study books are also housed near or on the altar).

  4. For me, my altar is a tool that helps me connect with deity, in my case nature, so my altar is an every changing mish-mash of things from nature that represent, the seasons, particular days, visits, moments in time.

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