Shaky after a spell

Shaky after a spell

Principally what the title says. I used to be making bread and infused it with the intent, known as for the weather, did a protecting circle and all that jazz. It was okay on the time. I had just a little shakiness and further power that I burned off with a stroll after leaving the dough to rise.

It has been a couple of hours. However once I got here again and punched down the dough I bought this wave of intense sensation, similar to once I was within the midst of the spell, besides an order of magnitude extra highly effective and it is lasting. I am actually shaky and just a little nauseous now.

What did I do? Extra importantly, how do I repair this and keep away from it sooner or later?

UPDATE: D’oh! It is so apparent in hindsight. I used to be an fool the second time. Since I used to be gone for a couple of hours I used to be far more in “baking mode” than in “magic mode”. I approached it with none thought the second time, and bought my ass correctly handed to me in consequence. I did not floor or heart and even suppose for a rattling second. I am going to make sure you mark my spells in progress so I do not do that once more… Perhaps with a lightning bolt on the saran wrap lol. Thanks!!

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  1. Ground (connect to place) and center (connect to self) thoroughly before and after working magic. Specifically after working a spell, leaning on a tree, eating a square meal, and/or spending time with a trusted friend all help. Walking is good, especially because it gets you outdoors.

  2. There’s clubs around where folk pay good money for that sort of experience. Learn to enjoy it. Or do some research on grounding at the end of a spell – whatever floats your boat.

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