So is these things actual? I might like some data that might assist me with Magick/Witchcraft.

So is these things actual? I might like some data that might assist me with Magick/Witchcraft.

I only in the near past put curiosity into the Occult Science, Magick, and Witchcraft, however I might wish to know whether or not these things is definitely actual or not. Scientist will all the time say that that is nothing, however pseudoscience and declare that people who find themselves into this are insane. Though, I am not going to leap to conclusions and I might love to do my very own analysis.

Do you actually consider these things is actual? Have you ever ever finished spells your self? What are some good books/data the place I can do my very own spells?

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  1. It’s as real as you want it to be. I don’t mean that in the “certain point of view” way, but rather in the “if you’re skeptical, check this shit out” sorta way.

    There are reasons for things to be the way they are. Knowing these reasons gives us the power to manipulate things. Science is the natural result of this. But science isn’t necessarily practical for real life engagement. We can’t develop falsifiable hypothesis and do laboratory testing account for every variable.

    So instead, we work with what it do. Which is, what do you want to do? A lot of what works is the psychological stuff. It’s considered occult rather than science, because science hasn’t figured out all the inner workings of the brain. No doubt you’re familiar with confidence tricks. The secret is recognizing that all a confidence trick actually is, is a spell.

    Sometimes it’s more practical. It’s one thing if you want to ace that job interview, it’s another if you want to throw fireballs at people. Technically, lighting a kerosene soaked cloth ball doesn’t count as science, it counts as engineering. The secret is recognizing that most engineering is just spellcraft at the most pragmatic level.

    Sometimes it’s just wishful thinking. Sometimes it’s funny how wishes come true. Funny how certain people manage to become some sort of rich and successful.

    A lot of it’s just flavor. The spider, the coyote, the raven, these are all just different names to the same person.

    In the end, if it’s you’re thing, cool. If it’s not, that’s ok too.

  2. Scientists have proven higher power isn’t real, but still many choose to follow those paths. The one thing we can all count on is nature. I’ve had success with many spells I’ve done.

  3. Scientists don’t actually say that this is nothing if you’re really getting to the root of energy work. We, as a collective whole, don’t have all the answers and there’s no way to prove (yet) many of the things that can occur with witchcraft. Scientists used to say the earth was flat, but we’ve learned since then. If you went back in time and showed a microwave to people in the 15th century they’d call you a witch. If you’re looking for hard evidence before experimenting with witchcraft you’re really going about it the wrong way.

    I’d recommend starting with chakra work, which can help you get in touch with your energy and show you how you can actually change things just by working with your mind. Also you’ll feel a LOT better just in general.

  4. Yes it’s real, though poorly understood. It’s also more along the lines of psychic abilties/psychonautics though there is some cosmic stuff going down (though witchcraft doesn’t tend to touch on that).

    I will caution you that this isn’t for everyone. There are considerable risks involved. Especially if you diverge into the path of occultism.

    I’ve done a lot of spellwork both big and small.

    As for scientists, it really depends on which scientists you’re taking about. The ones who operate in a public forum are usually either as corrupt as the politicians that fund their budgets or don’t really have much to say in regards to these realms. The more interesting ones are either within the grasps of organizations like the CIA (who don’t seem to believe this is just pseudoscience given their investments) or lepers like Tesla who go against the grain and suffer for it.

    I will say that by the standards of psychologists what we do is technically insanity in the sense that it is an effort to induce states of mind that will seperate you from the rest of society’s viewpoints. Psychology and psychiatry are all about conformity in the modern era, despite the fact that all of their predessescors (Jung, Freud, etc.) were heavily invested in such things and based their findings off of them.

  5. It is pseudoscience. That’s only a bad word from the perspective of science. It’s a Te versus Ti thing (MBTI). The actual mechanism behind occultism is intuition, though, specifically Ni.

    I’m a full-time mystic, so it’s not a matter of belief for me, it’s what I experience every day by default. From my perspective, scientists are mentally limited, scared, inexperienced robots.

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