So that you may get a whole lot of posts like this right here….

So that you may get a whole lot of posts like this right here….

Hey so I am not an energetic member right here in any respect (and in addition a Christian if that’s related in any respect) however I am severely starting to marvel if I’ve been hexed or cursed the final couple of months as I’ve had the literal worst “luck”. Actually the whole lot that I do in each day life goes fallacious. I am going to pour some sugar it goes in every single place everywhere in the flooring (on a regular basis). As we speak I am going to shave, my shaver would not work in any respect for some cause, I spend 2 minutes rubbing my face with it and never a single hair comes off – I am going down in the direction of my neck a bit and it slices a piece of my flesh off??? All of my extra invaluable belongings like my laptop and and stereo recently have been appearing very defective. The opposite day I bend all the way down to tie my shoelace and the bed room door randomly slams shut hitting me on the top taking a little bit of my eyebrow and giving me an intense concussion. Once I get my groceries one thing finally ends up getting dropped and ruined (often the one occasions I’ve some nice invaluable liquor on me that will get shattered). I went to a visit to Australia the opposite week and misplaced my tickets on the way in which there. My lecturer at college by chance deletes an project I submitted whereas away on stated journey and I cant resend it in time, thus it didn’t get marked. I can go on and on and on. Anyway I most likely sound actually unhappy and dumb however I am severely questioning if one thing witchcraft-based is occurring, notably since I’ve 2 ex-friends which might be into witchcraft. So yeah thanks for concepts and thanks for studying my crap put up! cheers.

P.s I’m an open minded Christian, accepting all methods of taking a look at life and dwelling life. I do not assume witchcraft is simply hexes and curses and damaging issues. I simply have a intestine feeling it is concerned at this level.

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  1. (witch of 5 years/initiate in multiple religious traditions)

    Maybe. You may have been cursed but you might have just entered into some bad luck. You should consult someone who does divination to find out what’s going on.

    You can call upon/work with Christian Saints and ask Them to help you get rid of whatever is plaguing you in exchange for an offering. Some Saints like offerings presented and left and others like them donated to the poor or charity. I was Christian and was baptized/confirmed so I do work with Saints as part of my religious heritage and if you need help interceding, then I could do that.

  2. When the bedroom door smashed your head, how much force was used on that door, was there a person by that door who pushed it, or, could it possibly be wind?

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