Sources for secular, non-theistic witchcraft?

Sources for secular, non-theistic witchcraft?

I’ve learn a few books at my native bookstore, however the choice is on the small facet. I’ve learn this one by cunningham(?), A Information for the Solitary Practitioner and located it somewhat useful and I’ve a guide known as Sensible Solitary Magic by N. Watson on my future studying record after searching google for a bit, however I’ll go to my campus library to see if I can discover anything.

I perceive that avoiding faith in witchcraft could be unattainable anyway, however something which may assist me construct a sturdy basis with out involving divinity could be actually useful. My aim is simply to study as a lot about secular witchcraft with a heavy deal with nature in order that I can begin growing my very own private follow in a manner that matches up with my beliefs some day.

Any suggestions?

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  1. I’m kind of surprised you found Cunningham’s book helpful if you’re trying to avoid religion, as he’s a Wiccan author (he’s one of the basic introductory authors for many Wiccan practitioners). But if he works for you (I personally really like him), he’s a highly recommended author. He has a published Book of Shadows, as well as individual books on various forms of magic, such as herbs, gems, elemental work, etc. So I’d suggest looking for other things by him.

    There are authors who have day-and-a-year books on magic, but much of it is put in Wiccan practice again. Buckland especially, so you may want to avoid things by him, and possibly the Farrars as again they are primarily Wiccan authors. Unfortunately as a Wiccan, all I know are books connected with the religion.

  2. I’d recommend The Psychonaut Field Manual by Bluefluke. It’s quite short, available online for free, and is intended to mesh well with whatever belief system you might have. It’s been quite useful for me, and might have some use for you as well.

  3. Get a copy of Wicca: The Old Religion in the New Millenium by Vivianne Crowley. She’s a professor of psychology at the University of London. She gives a detailed approach about how atheists can practice Wicca in a way that approaches the concept of divinity as archetypes of the collective unconscious within Jungian psychology and its fascinating. You don’t need to believe in God(s) to practice Wicca.

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