Spell assist – or simply normal recommendation on this example?

Spell assist – or simply normal recommendation on this example?

Okay, so I do not actually know easy methods to go about this example. My boyfriend’s sister is simply an throughout horrible particular person. I’ve been with him for four years now, and all she has at all times made me really feel uncomfortable. I really feel her destructive vitality at any time when I’m at his home, she has by no means favored me and I do know it. She has been the reason for a variety of issues between him and his dad and mom. She performs the nice little princess together with her father, however is a impolite and horrible particular person to her mom, and nearly anybody who sees by way of her acts.

In any case, She did one thing at my work. To place it merely, we (Me, my boyfriend and his sister) all work for a similar “firm” – i do not need to disclose any details about my office. We work for a similar firm however at completely different areas. My boyfriend and I are relationship, and have been relationship lengthy earlier than we began working for this place, and our boss is aware of, and is completely cool with it as a result of we’re tremendous skilled… With out telling us, his sister utilized for a job at our location, and when the interview got here up, and he or she was requested if she was associated to my boyfriend, she went off saying how she doesnt speak to him, they by no means noticed eye to eye, and the way she hates me. She bought employed. Now, it’s actually silly for the one who did the hiring to have employed her – that will be an enormous crimson flag in my eyes as an employer – however the truth is, she jeopardized my job, and the way in which I’m seen by my employer – as a result of now she is employed, and now my boss is aware of that there’s stress between us..

I don’t need to carry out a hex, or something malicious, i simply need this lady to open her eyes as a result of I really feel dangerous for her. She wants a impolite awakening, she lives at residence and is beneath the “safety” of her father who spoils her and makes her suppose she will be able to have something she needs. She treats everybody round her like rubbish, and has misplaced completely everybody of her associates. I’m sick of her destructive and hateful vitality round me – what can I do?

I do know that is all tremendous complicated, however this lady is somebody i sadly can’t get away from, as she is a part of my boyfriends fast household. I don’t need to hurt her. I need to open her eyes, and assist her see what a shitty particular person she has been.

I’ve performed very minimal spell work, and am pretty new to witchcraft (about 6,7 months or so)

Please assist ! thanks : )

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  1. Unfortunately, its no more your place to make your sister in law like you or change her ways for you than it is for me to do the same with my sister in law. You can choose not to interact with her, that’s what I do. It doesn’t stop her from talking shit but, it does take the wind out of her sails since the rest of her family knows that she lies in accounting how I’ve informed them I won’t be speaking with her.

    You can either ignore her, and in inform your boss that there are familial issues that she may try to bring into the workplace. At least, this way you can cover your ass on it. Take it up with HR, that she’s harassing you. It probably won’t help for the home life, but your job knowing that your sister in law is a troublemaker, can make things easier for you at work.

    If none of that works, bind her so she stays away from you, but try the mundane route first.

  2. You didn’t say exactly how she was effecting your job? Just working there wouldn’t really be an issue usually?

    Like, from the way you describe it, it seems like you’re more upset that she’s a spoiled brat who gets her way, and you don’t like that, rather than her actually doing anything to you personally.

    I think witchcraft is a second option for yiu, and you should try confronting her about her attitude towards you or her actions aimed at you and your bf. (You haven’t said if you ever took that mundane step or not)

  3. (Witch of 5 years)

    You might want to try a justice spell…something that weighs her past actions against her and introduces the kind of suffering or change she needs to not be this way.

    I’ve performed hexes and curses before. All they did was cause some major irritation for the people I cast them on. It didn’t change them in the way they needed to be changed. It just gave them a nasty taste in their mouth and they continued to be bad or “evil”.

    Then I started doing justice spells and it seemed to change the person involved. They get what they needed to not be an asshole. It’s more satisfactory working a justice spell that way.

  4. This is a tough one, I’d recommend something to help move her out of your life, but short of breaking up w/ your bf that seems unlikely to manifest from what you’ve mentioned about the situation.

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