4 thoughts on “Spell for happiness/ anti – melancholy”

  1. The flower eyebright is used for various eye ailments, us Gypsies use it to help one see the sunny side of things, especially when it is extremely difficult to find.

    Create an infusion by pouring boiling water over eyebright. When it cools use the liquid as an eye wash. It has worked for me when I needed to see something right in front of me that was causing the sadness.

  2. Raspberry leaf and strawberry for the sweetness of life. Especially with a touch of sweet cream. Share it with a friend.

    There’s always st John’s wort but that’s not necessarily what they may need.

  3. So I’m new to this and I see three separate recipes with different ingredients, how do you know/choose what’s right? Is this like math, where there’s a specific and exact formula? Or like Poetry where there’s an interpretation?

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