spell ideas for banishing a foul behavior?

spell ideas for banishing a foul behavior?

hey all – questioning if anybody has any ideas for spells to do away with a foul behavior that you have had success with. i might like to make use of the brand new moon vitality in addition to grounding taurus vitality to do a spell tonight or tomorrow. for the previous couple of years i’ve developed a horrible behavior of staying in mattress lengthy after my alarm goes off, both hitting snooze, going again to sleep, or simply laying there. i am late for work always due to it. i’ve a historical past of melancholy and sleeping was all the time what i turned to when i used to be down, so i consider it could stem from that, although i’m really not having any depressive points presently. i usually do not need such a problem altering problematic behaviors however this has been the toughest factor for me to shake so i’m turning to magic.

any ideas assist, thanks!!

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  1. I always work on the opposite of the habit. Meaning if you wanted to quit smoking, you’d spell would actually be focused on being smoke free. Same with debt, I don’t banish it – I bring the state of being debt free into my life.

    I have a very hard time getting some peace in my house, and I actually do a lot of spell work while taking a bath. It has worked out really well for me the past few months.

    Edit: you could try to a sigil that focuses on waking up refreshed at (insert time here) and then work on going to bed the same time every night to ensure you wake up when you want

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