Spell/Ritual Timing, and Utilizing Tarot Playing cards in Spells/Rituals

Spell/Ritual Timing, and Utilizing Tarot Playing cards in Spells/Rituals

Hey everybody, new to Reddit and Witchcraft right here. I attempted looking out this earlier than I posted however I could not actually discover something so particular.

I dove into the witchcraft world about half a yr in the past and I’m nonetheless discovering my means via it.

My greatest concern proper now could be timing primarily based. I began learning the lunar and calendar phases and matters of every one to assist strengthen your spells and rituals, and I at all times miss out on them as a result of I work SO a lot and I work a non-consecutive schedule that always adjustments, making it inconceivable to plan something forward of time!

I am studying in all places that is it is okay to do it when it “feels proper” and comply with instinct, however then the passage goes on stressing to do it throughout a sure time. I assume that is the place I am misplaced?? Any recommendation or steering on the matter right here can be so extremely appreciated.

About Tarot playing cards, I learn that you just should not use the deck that you just do your readings with in your spells and rituals (I solely have one deck and would relatively not have multiple presently). The one reasoning I discovered behind that is that you could have to go away a sure card means from it is deck for the size of the ritual. Is it doable it may taint my deck if I achieve this anyway?

Thanks prematurely, everybody! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Spell/Ritual Timing, and Utilizing Tarot Playing cards in Spells/Rituals”

  1. > I tried searching this before I posted but I couldn’t really find anything so specific.

    Thank you!

    > I dove into the witchcraft world about half a year ago and I am still finding my way through it.

    You will always be finding your way through it. The path is neverending.

    > it’s okay to do it when it “feels right” and follow intuition

    This is absolutely correct. You don’t **NEED** to follow the timings but if it is something that has a certain impact on someone or something then you should do your best.

    As an example, when making tools you need to put it under a full moon – but you do have three days before and three days after the full moon to get the same energy.

    > you shouldn’t use the deck that you do your readings with in your spells and rituals

    If you intend to use the cards in a ritual, meaning the deck is **PART OF** the ritual then I would say that this is just cautionary because if you do indeed need to leave a tarot card out for an extended period of time then your readings will be off without it/them.

    I personally would suggest to get a second tarot deck simply because of this reason. My High Priest has about twenty decks.

    The Craft is what you make of it. It can be literally anything you want it to be. Read and research as much as you possibly can and then take all of that information and make it your own.

  2. The rule I live by with timing is ‘always before never after’. Keep in mind, this is just for me personally. I find things work as long as they’re before the moon phase you desire. So, if you’re celebrating a full moon, it’s okay up to the day? Night? of the full moon. Again, just my experience.

    I personally, really love using tarot cards in ritual and spellwork. When I first started my path, I only had one deck as well. There was nothing ‘wrong’ in multi-purposing. I actually carried my deck with me everywhere as my ‘portable altar’. In some ways, I think it helps actually… because it has your energy.

    For what it’s worth, I have multiple decks now… and I still use my go to deck for ritual and spellwork. If you’re worried about wanting to do a reading before your cards are ‘available’, why not try a printable free deck? You can find some with a quick Google search (and no author or artist loses royalties). Just print and use. 🙂

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