Spell suggestion to cope with a poisonous member of the family?

Spell suggestion to cope with a poisonous member of the family?

So, I’ve this aunt who’s a extremely unfavorable individual. She is a 60-something lady who by no means acquired married nor had youngsters, and moved with my mother and me after my grannny handed away. My aunt is at all times saying imply issues to me and my mom, mooching off cash,combating with neighbors over trivial stuff and by no means helped somebody of her circle of relatives, not even when my grandma was dying or when my uncle (her brother) was very sick on the hospital.
So, any spells to maintain her from doing extra hurt or to encourage her to maneuver away? She has some financial savings to take action

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  1. Try a witch bottle.
    Supplies: small jar (baby food jar works well) salt, pins and needles. Hair of the person or if you can’t get that, write the persons full name on a scrap of paper. Instructions: *First make sure that as you do this you are putting your intent. I also write my own spells so idk what you can say/chant as you do this. Make your own I guess. * Place paper or hair in jar add pins and needles. Doesn’t need to be a lot of pins and needles. Fill the jar to the top with salt. Put jar out on garbage day and make sure you don’t look back.

  2. An old trick I learned as a kid was to sprinkle paprika in someone’s shoes to get them to move out. I’ve tried it only once, but the target moved out in a few hours.

    If it works for you, it avoids having to inflict negativity on them (if that’s a concern of yours).

  3. Best spell: cut her off. Cut toxic people out of your life, whether they’re family or not. Witch bottles and other stuff will help, but the best way is to do those things and then cut them out of your life. Toxic people will do anything to stick around if you give them the slightest allowance.

  4. You could make a sigil, or carry protective stones to negate her negativity. Sigil would probably be easiest and least noticeable. It could say something like “____ negativity does not reach others” or something to that effect.

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