Spell to spice up confidence

Spell to spice up confidence

That is my first submit on this subbreddit and I’m posting from my telephone so I apologize if the structure it bizarre. I have been a practising principally self taught witch for fairly a couple of years. I’ve achieved spells for others however by no means actually myself. I undergo from melancholy and as a artist this weighs heavy on my motivation and self-worth. I do not know what to do to eliminate it.

Is anybody capable of information me? I do not fairly know how you can begin it off or what feels proper to make use of, I additionally know that the extra intent you’ve gotten, the higher issues normally prove..

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  1. Start small and build up. Set little goals and achieve them. You’ll build confidence quite fast that way. I don’t know if it counts as a spell, but I like candle magic. Think of something small you want to achieve/happen. Look on Google to find out what the different colours of candles mean. Get a sharpie and write your aim vertically down the length of the candle. Sit quietly, contemplating your aim and know that you will achieve it. (Hoping it’ll happen isn’t good enough, you have to know that greater powers will swing into action and will bring it about. Don’t question how, know.) Light the candle, focus on your aim a bit more. Let the candle burn all the way down in one go. Like I say, start small and build up from there because it’s easier to get your mindset right doing that than trying to win the lottery or something big first go. And NEVER try to bring about anything bad because it will come back and bite you much worse.
    I hope you get some success this way. Your confidence will come. For what it’s worth, you’re absolutely not alone and things can and very likely will change for the better.

  2. I practice a lot of sigil magic and carry crystals with me, so that’s really all I can offer, but I have a creativity/motivation sigil that I draw on my arm when I need it. I’m right handed so I draw it on my left arm to pull from the earth, through me, and into my dominant hand. I also have a couple sigils I put inside either wrist to help when I’m going to be alone a lot and I know I might get anxious. A lot of what I do to deal with mental state is passive though. I charge and carry or wear crystals. I’ve got three citrine quartz crystals that I use to carry creative energy on a necklace, a tourmaline/quartz to ground out my own negative energy, and a few others that I change out as needed for the day. I’ve got a double pointed quartz for when I’m so tired I can hardly focus. I charge it in the window sill so it always has sunlight. I’ve got a moonstone for protection – I usually take it with me when I’m working the register to protect me from all the negative energies customers can bring- so they just wash off me.

    And in the interest of full disclosure, I’m heavily medicated. I’m bipolar:depressive and suffer severe anxiety issues so I have a mood stabilizer, an anti-anxiety/depressive, and an anti-depressive/sleep-aid. Those make me stable-ish most of the time. For the rest, I use my magic.

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