Spells or Rituals for ?

Spells or Rituals for ?

I discover that doing witchcraft with my husband is an incredible bonding expertise. I might love to do a minimum of 1 ritual or spell with him every week however I am undecided what to do.

I perceive that we are able to do love spells each Friday however I’ve no clue how we are able to incorporate two individuals. The one spells, potions, rituals I do know are performed by one particular person in means to impact one other.

Guess what I am asking is… what do witchy do collectively? I perceive we are able to make our personal spells, rituals, and so on and so on up however we’re considerably new to the scene. I might love some new concepts to maintain our relationship attention-grabbing and to proceed bonding.

2 thoughts on “Spells or Rituals for ?”

  1. Sex magick. Tantra. So many options here!

    Side note: I’m so envious of your relationship. My husband looks at my ritual stuff and wants nothing to do with it. Enjoy it. It’s a beautiful thing you’ve got there.

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