Spells/Rituals for subduing a ghost?

Spells/Rituals for subduing a ghost?

There’s a male ghost in my home and he likes to observe me at any time when i am dwelling. I really feel fairly snug round him and really feel he’s no risk to myself in anyway, nonetheless, Every time i’m out of the home he terrorises my mom by turning the TV on and at full quantity sporadically all through the evening. This has been taking place since she dated a person that was fairly abusive to me, however he has not been within the image for a few years now. I Burned sage threw the home after she removed her abusive ex and it was calm for awhile but it surely quickly picked again up once more and not too long ago has develop into much more frequent as I’m not dwelling as a lot. Any Ideas on stop this earlier than it will get worse? or Comparable tales?

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  1. You need a cleansing ritual I think. Burn sage through the house again and lay claim to it. Make sure the spirit knows it’s not welcome. I’d recommend reading up on cleansing rituals-which way to walk, etc before doing it. The most important part is intention and your will. (I have my own way of doing this, but I’m not perfect, and I don’t want to misguide you in any way)

    Be careful if you do cleanse though, since cleansing can also backfire and antagonize if the spirit doesn’t want to leave. Most spirits do just leave, but if you’ve already cleansed and it came back, you might need some help. Do you have any one that lives nearby that could come help you cleanse?

  2. You can burn sage or even just plain charcoal disc (or maybe with some basil on it as basil is very strong) and really fill all the rooms in the house, focus on corners and places energy collects and specific places this ghost frequents. Focus, even speak out loud your intent to make him leave, and work in a counterclockwise motion, as that is typical for ‘binding’ or ‘banishing’. Sprinkle salt and/or red brick dust around your house, or at least across your doorways and window sills. This should really help you as this spirit seems to want to stick around.
    Another good way to get rid of him or at least deter any other bothersome spirits or bad entities is to take a jar (it can be just a used pasta sauce or salsa jar even, just something with a lid) and set it outside next to your door after you’ve filled it with some rice, or maybe barley (some type of small-grain item like that). It is said that the spirits will stop and often obsess about counting the grains in the jar and it keeps them occupied and prevents them from actually entering. Just some tips, hope that helps!

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