Spells to empower objects

Spells to empower objects

Hello I am a trans one who wears a canine tag explaining my title, gender and pronouns. A difficulty I’ve with that is that regardless of how a lot I put on it, no person is definitely it and its not serving to me with my social dysphoria…

Are there any spells that I can do on this object to spice up its noticeability? It could imply rather a lot to me if individuals on the market might clarify totally different strategies for me to do that as I don’t have quite a lot of supplies to work with when casting spells.


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  1. I don’t really read dog tags because I see them worn a lot as an accessory like jewellery and I ignore it the same I would a gemstone or a name.

    I don’t know about spells, but have you thought about buying a cheap custom gold or silver necklace with your name written in cursive that sits near your collarbones and more visible? Other than that maybe a spell for people to focus around you?

  2. This seems like the most inefficient way of trying to convey whatever it is you’re trying to express. A dog tag is tiny and people generally try to acknowledge a person not their jewelery. The point of a dog tag is so that if you’re incapacitated pertinent information is available to whoever is tending to you. Why not just tell whoever your talking to your name, gender, and pronoun if it’s that important?

  3. I’m sorry, but I don’t know if the dog tags will ever have the effect that you want, even if they are totally enchanted. Even if you make an awesome spell to make people notice your tags, social pressure will push back. For example, if I met a person and noticed they had amazing bright and shiny dog tags that seemed really interesting, I would NOT lean in to read the tags. I would focus on you, the person. I MIGHT ask about the dog tags after interacting with you for some time, but I would resist the urge because it feels rude to focus on an inanimate object over the person.

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