Spirit Assist

Spirit Assist

I used to be doing a meditation (the place you utilize a mirror and your Third Eye to see spirits and previous lives), and I used to be doing a variation of it the place I targeted on seeing evil spirits, then good afterwards, to symbolize a stability between darkish and light-weight. I solely noticed silhouettes, so I am not solely certain what they have been. Most got here and went shortly, however one evil and good one did not go away till I modified my focus.

I could not inform a lot in regards to the evil one, but it surely appeared like a face. The great one appeared to be a dragon. (I have been enthusiastic about dragon magick for some time now.)

How ought to I name to the great one? And will I to something to banish the evil one, or ought to I do nothing?

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  1. “Dark and light duality” has no positive influence in spirit work. It’s a poetic expression that erases the risk there is in opening yourself up to negative things. It’s sort of like how some people tell themselves they’re spiritual because they feel connection in “nature” (e.g. the woods) because nature is so “pure” and “good”. Nature will hurt you and not think twice about it. It’s not going to help you and neither is this mentality. Spirit work is not poetry.

    Evil spirits will hurt you for kicks. Good spirits can be picky and particular depending on Who you’re interacting with but They don’t get kicks out of hurting people.

    House cleanse. Say lots of prayers for protection. Ask only positive entities to come around. Incense the whole place. Ask the dragon how they want to be called to

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