Spirit in my house

Spirit in my house

After utilizing an Ouija board final yr with just a few witch associates, a small a part of our salt circle was not full, and a spirit discovered it is method into my house. It is not achieved a lot for months now, all it is achieved is open a door, every time it’s current I can really feel the air round me develop into chilly. I do know it nonetheless watches me at evening and every time I am upstairs. Undecided what to do.

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  1. Banish it if you don’t want it around, start by firmly asking it to leave. Failing that you can exorcise it, I personally like to use sound to dislodge any entities or energy I don’t want around but smudging with sage is very popular. Choose whatever method works for you

  2. Of course there are alternatives, you can enlist the help of a deity specialising in exorcising spirits or who is just a general badass or you can summon a more primal entity under a contract to devour whatever beastie is hanging out in your house though if you are jumpy around spirits I wouldn’t recommend that particular method.

    Basically you have a lot of options

  3. This is most likely a demon. You have let it in a gateway and it returning is highly unlikely. I have experience with these things and I have banished them temporarily until they tempt me and I sin. Have you had any scratches? Watch for scratches in three. This is a mocking of the holy trinity. These creatures are symbolic so watch for patterns such as:

    1) what time they appear… 3 am.?

    2) pattern of what they do when they appear. Open doors… sleep paralysis?

    3) dreams: reoccurring dreams can be a sign of something bad that is about to happen.

    These things are trying to create loss in your life. They are here to rip it apart. Grow your faith through Jesus Christ. Just saying his name brings hot coals on their heads. Rebuke it in his name and they or it will be forced to leave. I heard a disgusting sizzling sound two nights ago when I did this and I was at peace again.

    Email: lakotajacob@gmail.com

    TLR: Christian trying to help and fellow friend.

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