Spirit work starter factors?

Spirit work starter factors?

I need to begin with spirit work, however I’ve obtained no concept the place to? What sorts of spirits exhibit what behaviors, and many others.? That is extra what I am curious about.

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  1. 1. Energy work, empathy/telepathy, and some means of sensing spirits are all essential to work with them. Start by beefing up these skills if you haven’t already. Some means of divination is also probably a useful skill to have, but outside of Tarot I’m not really all that good at it personally.

    2. Try and contact your spirit guide and work your way out from there. See if there’s any spirits are drawn to you already or looking to communicate.

    3. This is a practice with a *lot* of variation. Try and figure out why you’re on it/what you’re trying to get from it. If it’s something simple like making more money, there are easier ways to go about achieving it.

    4. It really depends on the area you’re in or the culture/practice you’re pulling from. There’s no easy guide to this. Practical experience is key, and I’d really suggest getting a mentor to help walk you through it.

  2. Well… U can begin in two separated lines of Works. Summoning and conjuring elemental spirits or summoning servitors, wich in my thought is a verter way tô learn How to do Spirit binding, evocation and purifications / Spirit releasing.

    Please PM me and i can give u some warnings about the theme ☺

  3. (Spirit-worker/sorcerer)

    Well, for starters, can you hear or see spirits? That would be an essential skill. If you can’t, you’d need to be really good at divination or otherwise to communicate with Them.

    Each Spirit is different and They’re a lot like people…They’re all different. But They’re not like people at the same time. A lot of what each Spirit is like depends on Them individually. They’re all different…depends on which Ones you’re calling on

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